Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Laziness is a Villainous Virtue?

Someone reminded me that when I posted my "Villainous Virtues" series, almost no one was reading this blog. So, because I'm lazy today, er, I mean, to share those classic posts with a new generation of readers, I present below:

The Villainous Virtue series.


Bat-Mac said...

I agree. Criminals are the way forward. All comic titles should be about them, with the arrogant, obnoxious, petty, uncooperative so-called "heroes" being the bit players, merely there to showcase the greatness of the hardworking, never-say-die team-players that are the villains.

Inadvertently, I’ve just described the current DCU!

You missed a trick by referring to yourself as lazy, while clearly you were merely displaying that most noble of villainous characteristics – recycling. Why create a new post when an old, hackneyed one will do? You could have put “Ultimate” or “All-Star” (or “New”) in front of each title and you would have got away with it.

Scipio said...


"Efficiency"; definitely a villainous virtue.