Friday, July 08, 2005

Get this!

I don't want to be mean about the F4 film. Really. As much as I dislike Marvel, I believe that every comic book movie that does well makes the next one more likely to be made, and so I wish all comic-based films well.

Also, I know that "civilians" often don't "get it" when it comes to comic book movies. For example, a local, usually comic-friendly publication in my city dissed Batman Begins because it wasn't "fun and bright". *Sigh*.

Nevertheless, I can't help but feel the force of these remarks from a review I stumbled across today through the help of the Great Curve:

"Get this! Only one of the Fantastic Four is happy to have superpowers. The others grumble and complain. What makes them so fantastic? I’ll never pick up a FANTASTIC FOUR comic book."

Out of the mouths of comic-book babes! If anyone wants to understand what my beef with Marvel is....

there it is.


Anonymous said...

When has Reed or Sue seriously complained in the comics? Ben complains all the time, but considering a) he's from Brooklyn and b) he was physically altered to the point of not being able to enjoy the physical pleasures of being a human being. I think we can give him a pass.

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I've always loved the FF... maybe because other than Captain America, they seem more Dc than Marvel.

Anonymous said...

Hey, in the context of the movie, both Reed and Sue are scientists, who realize they got the powers from *cosmic radiation*. Unlike Johnny, they've got the brain cells to rub together to realize that they *just don't know* if they'll keep having neato powers, have those powers keep evolving and turn on them (like Reed turning into a puddle and Sue turning permanently transparent or drifting apart), or simply die of cancer in 5 years.

Once Reed gets a better handle on things, and especially once he starts realizing the potential his powers have in connubial relations with Sue, I'm sure he'll have a much cheerier attitude, much like in the comics. Heck, even Ben *chooses* to become the Thing again to help out his friends, making the movie FF pretty bright and four-colour - you might think about this version as a trade for some of those DC characters you want to get rid of...