Friday, July 01, 2005

Charo and Johnathan Harris

Over at Seven Hells, Devon (who erreth not) has started an interesting conversation about "permanent guest-stars", characters whose role is to show and be 'familiar' in other people's books and stories but aren't central characters themselves.

This hits close to home; my own "Dynastic Centerpiece" model is about how to move Column B heroes into Column A so they might support their own books. Devon asks whether those in Column C should remain there on purpose.

In honor of this topic, own new polls asks,

"Who is your favorite (male hero) permanent guest star?"


Shon Richards said...

I have to vote for the Atom. He's like that uncle that knows all sorts of useless science trivia but he livens up a dull afternoon. Any time the Atom guest stars, it's time for Science!

Scipio said...

Yeah, I wondered afterwards whether the Atom was too much of a "B Column" guy to have included.