Sunday, July 17, 2005

Stupid Hero Quote

"I'm not sure what happened myself! I actually was close to death--in a coma--when I suddenly awoke in the brownstone's basement next to some of those sneakers!"

Ah, comic books. In what other medium could you run across the words coma, brownstone, basement, and sneakers all in the same sentence without being dumbfounded?

This speaker of this Stupid Hero Quote was clearly dumbfounded, himself! You would be, too, if you'd read the story...


Anonymous said...

How did he know he was in a coma? Was he told this by another character, or did he manage to medically examen himself while he was in a coma?

That would be some cool comic-book silliness there.

Scipio said...

Hey, man -- superheroes are SMART.

Anonymous said...

I vote Batman. In fact, I believe there was an episode of B:TAS that centered around this story. Had to do with Penguin gassing Bats, I believe.

Scipio said...

Nope; not Batman.

Anonymous said...

Ok, tell us now.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...i really don't know, but I'll put in a guess since noone else has in awhile.

For some reason I'm getting a Denny O'Neil/Marv Wolfman feel from the language. I'll guess Green Lantern (he was reguarly getting knocked out by yellow things, wasn't he?).

Now I'll feel foolish when Scip reveals the true identity comes from a story out of the 1940's.

Scipio said...

The Silver Age Flash, talking to Batman.

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