Thursday, July 21, 2005

Comic quotes

Quotes from my Comics this Week

JSA Classified
"As long as I can juggle semi-trucks and leap over buildings, I'm fine."
For the record, I've deduced who Power Girl's parents are, and I did so during her medical exam (long before the patented Geoff Johns last-page reveal). Most people can't even BLINK while watching Power Girl's medical exam...

Day of Vengeance
"Honey, are you some kind of superhero?"
I don't know who this new girl is, but I LOVE her Dad already. Finally someone who acts like they are actually used to living in the DC universe.

"Oops for you."
Robin was hot in this issue. Really hot. Like, "I need to turn myself into the authorities now for thinking inappropriate things about the Boy Wonder" kind of hot.

Adventures of Superman
"Are you ready to kneel before the Lord?"
I am officially freaked out. And impressed. You got me good with this one, Rucka.


Hate Filled Poster said...

Yeah I really really geeked out on Adventures of Superman this week.

Jeff R. said...

So who's the parents? I hope that the reveal is another red herring; if they're going to let her origin be connected to a version of the legion at least one reboot away from current continuity they ought to go all the way and let her go back to being the Earth-2 supergirl...

Scipio said...

My deduction is based on the following pieces of information.

1. In the next season of JLU, the Legion will visit and Supergirl will go off with them to the 30th Century as a Legion spin-off cartoon. YES, this is true; I know things.

2. The quality and quantity of Power Girl's power is inconsistent.

3. So is her degree of vulnerability to Kryptonite.

4. Johns is playing up her "tragedy" of not being Supergirl.

5. When Johns (in Hawkman) had the JSA visit St. Roch, a fortune teller told Karen that her past was in the future.

That means...

Power Girl is the daughter of Supergirl and Ultra-Boy.

Which then means...

1. The DCU's Supergirl (who no one knows what to do with) is going to be sent to the LSH.

2. Like Ultra-Boy, Power Girl "shifts" her power depending on the situation, but doesn't consciously realize she's doing it.

3. As a half-Kryptonian she'd be less vulnerable to Kryptonite and when her "ultra" energy is focused on invulnerability, perhaps not at all.

4. Her tragedy will be "solved" once she is discovered to be Supergirl's daughter.

5. The rocket ship in JSA Classified is also a Time Ship.

Bill D. said...

I thought of the shifting powers/Ultra Boy connection, too, but instead of Supergirl, I was thinking in terms of Andromeda/Laurel Gand. Guess I'm still a reboot or two behind.

Jeff R. said...

Again, I fail to see how coming from a future that's been retconned out of existance at least two degrees is in any way better than coming from Earth-2.

And besides, Supergirl's supposed to end up with Braniac V and Ultra Boy with Phantom Girl

Maybe she's really the Emerald Eye (which also had an intermittent and inexplicable vulnerability to Kryptonite.)

Anonymous said...

Why can't they just make Power Girl the daughter of Jor-El's identical twin brother Nim-El and get this over with. Then she and Supergirl can both be Superman's cousins without all the 'who's the real one' BS.

Probably because I'm the only person on the planet that remembers Jor-El had an identical twin.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, was that a joke? Identical twin brother?

I kinda like the Legion explanation, but it seems dodgy when Kara and Jo never even flirted.


Scipio said...

THIS Supergirl is a *sigh* "bad-ass"; so is Ultra-Boy.

So is Power Girl.

And while the real world doesn't work that way, the comic book world does.

Scipio said...

Oh, by the way, Kris...

YES Jor-El had an identical twin brother, named Nim-El.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that origin sounds pretty convoluted. Not as bad as "Matrix" Supergirl, but...

Oh yeah, and Adventures of Superman rocked hard.

Hate Filled Poster said...

I bow before Scipio's superior knowledge of the DC Universe.

Anonymous said...

The girl in Day of Vengeance is Black Alice, who appeared in Birds of Prey (#75?). She can siphon magical energies.

Anonymous said...

That issue of BoP was one of the best, and a stand-alone to boot. I encourage all DoV readers to get thee to your LCB store's back bins!

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