Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Perfect Character

"we suddenly realized who the perfect character would be to tie all these other characters together – the one anchor character who’s not Superman or Batman who ties together many of the various aspects of the DC Universe. I know – it sounds ultra mysterious, but I think if you put two seconds to it as a fan…you’ll stumble across the answer.”

That's a Mark Waid quote from the recent announcement about the return of Brave & The Bold.

In my neck of the woods, we hope the character Waid's talking about is the Martian Manhunter. As you may have guessed from a number of previous things I've posted about the Martian Manhunter, I'm happy to hear he'll be getting more play.

I mean, who else could he be talking about? Zatanna? Phantom Stranger? Adam Strange?

Give your opinion and answer the poll about it!


Oracle? That's who I would use. she can lay out the mission and connect people if say, Captain cold popped up in Vixen's neck of the woods.
Ooooo! Nice one!
Ambush Bug, clearly.
Nightwing. He's got ties to Batman, Superman, the Titans, the JLA, the Outsiders.
Dan Didio! He'll appear in a comic like Paul Jenkins did recently!
Grace Choi of the Outsiders, because she's slept with everyone.
The key here is links to the super-powered heroes, the more "street" level heroes, the Magical community (especially the Vertigo corners of the DC Universe), and the Cosmic/Space based heroes...

Zatanna gets you everywhere but space, but with her JLA resume, that could be considered a connection.

John Constantine could be a candidate. He has connections everywhere. It wouldn't be a stretch to reveal that he has contacts that keep him in touch with most every aspect of the DC Universe. He's the guy who always "knows someone who knows someone"...

(Aside: I do hope that the Veritgo titles that are part of the DC universe, especially Swamp Thing & Hellblazer, aren't forgotten in the upcoming Infinite Crisis. They are part of the DC Universe too, albeit the darker corners of it.)
Nightwing is the answer.

By "is", I mean "might be". Glad to see Mr. Murphy agrees on that front.

Also ties into recetn announcements that Nighteing will be play a "big role" upcoming.
Deadman. Please let it be Deadman.
Wally "The Flash" West.

He's been a Titan and Justice Leaguer. He's been to the past, he's been to the future. He carries a legacy -- he's the bridge spanning the Golden Age, the Silver Age, and whatever-this-Age-is-really.
We're in the "Devonian" Age!
If it's Wally it would be kinda cool since Waid wrote the Flash/Green Lantern:Brave and the Bold series featuring Barry and Hal. Wally would take Barry's role in the title.
Black Canary.
Red Tornado? He's connected to three generations of heroes: JSA, JLA, and Young Justice. He's got connections to space (the whole "Tornado Champion" thing) and to the mystical (the "air elemental"/stint in Primal Force).

But, most importantly, he breaks easily. The whole series can revolve around the heroes of the DCU collecting all of his parts to reassamble him.

"Next month, Stargirl and Jack O'Lantern battle the Yellow Peri in a quest to reclaim for Red Tornado's capacitor!"
(Hi, nice blog, just passing through)

I like the long shots, so my money's on Snapper Carr. He was a member of the original Justice League, he's been both mentor of and mentor to a bunch of superheroes, and he adds a "human factor" to a superhero book.

Plus, his modern creator is Peyer, who's a good buddy of Waid (or so I've heard). It'd be nice of Waid to keep the character alive and active.
Martian Manhunter would be my first pick but it could be Hawkman too. In his reconceived identity he's now supposed to be a "generational" hero, right? Alive in one form or another in every time period of the DCU?
Please be Martian Manhunter, please be Martian Manhunter...

But it's probably Oracle or Nightwing.
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