Thursday, March 06, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • "Think clean thoughts, chum." Just as funny now as it was in 1985. If you're not reading Nightwing, you're missing out, folks.
  • The All-New Atom perfectly synopsizes superhero comics, in two panels.
  • "Who are we fighting?" Slowly, but surely, I'm beginning to love Donna Troy/Wonder Girl.
  • "Holy crow!" Robin needs to say that more. We all do.
  • I hope that if the time ever comes when I see the word "UNCOOL" burning on the ground, I'll know what to do... .
  • I know that when Ray said this, it wasn't supposed to be hilarious... "The nanoverse, the multiverse, and now Apokolips. No matter how bizarre my life gets, all I can think about is ... Jean." Even for Ray, Jean represents all the crazy-bad in the world!
  • "We are the Justice League because it's the right thing to be."
  • Even mountain goats don't know what to make of Aqualad's Girly Shrieking (tm). Of course, this is the first time you can't actually blame him for screaming...!
  • Red Lantern. Holy crow, they've managed to get me hooked on the Green Lantern Corps...!
  • Remember my post where I said no one quite knows where to triangulate Wonder Woman? I was wrong. Darwin Cooke does.
  • Thank you, Jason Todd, for being the one hero conscious of the need for traffic safety.
  • Batman's empathy for Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in JLU was one of the best bits of characterization all month.
  • I think I just stared for five minutes at the beauty of the house ad in New Frontier. I hope it's for real ... .
  • Wonder Girl crying? Very funny. Aqualad, while Wonder Girl's crying? Hilarious.
  • Ryan Choi enlarging one of his killer blood cells to the size of a VW. It's just the kind of thing a good comic book scientist is supposed to do.
  • Wonder Woman's "bra burning".
  • After the Teen Titans take down Green Arrow, the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, Batman single-handedly beats the snot out of them.
  • "Bromophobe." Schwartz help me, I almost didn't hate Panda this month...!
  • Jonah Hex looked really hot this month. Er, from the neck down, anyway.
  • Robin the Boy Wonder carries a bat-handkerchief? Of course he does!
  • Ray Palmer hiding on the Heroclix Board of Doom.
  • The Demolition Team. I never thought I'd enjoy seeing the Demolition Team.
  • "Robin's cool." Yes, Aqualad; yes, he is.
  • "Please... my kidneys." Okay, Darwin Cooke is my new favorite humorist.
  • Wait... there's a gigantic metal statue of a PISTOL at the UN? That's hilarious! Particularly when there's a knot in the barrell.
  • The answer to "why Jimmy Olsen?"; simple and elegant.
  • So Robin starts out to bust a gang of hotrodders and winds up saving the President's life? That's our Boy Wonder!


Steven said...

Wait... there's a gigantic metal statue of a PISTOL at the UN? That's hilarious! Particularly when there's a knot in the barrell.

The statue of the pistol with the knot tied at the end really is at the UN.

Scipio said...

I'm not sure whether that makes it MORE funny or LESS funny... !

If you build a giant prop, heroes and villain are going to show up eventually.

Dan said...

"Think clean thoughts, chum" is from where originally?

I swear it's right on the tip of my tongue...

rlsims said...

I think the "clean thoughts" line was from "For The Man Who Has Everything", when young Jason Todd met Wonder Woman the first time.

People don't think of Alan Moore as a humorist, but he had some very funny bits in his stories.

Scipio said...

That's correct.

farsider said...


you know "things that made me happy" is torture, don't you!?

I had weaned myself down to a couple of comics per month before you started this feature. It drives me crazy trying to figure out which comic you're refering to.

In the wastewater industry, there is a saying: add a teaspoon of sewage to a gallon of wine and you get sewage; add a teaspoon of wine to a gallon of sewage and you've still got sewage.

You have the uncanny ability to take the dreck that comprises modern comics, and make wine out of it every week. (That seemed profound a minute ago.)

CandidGamera said...

Dammit, need to start reading JLU.

Scipio said...

You deserve to read JLU.

Anonymous said...

My 4 year old son & read the new JLU last night before bed. He really likes Blue Beetle and Booster Gold for some reason.

It was clear from the cover what lesson BB & BG would learn but I was really impressed by the lesson WW learned from Batman. It's fun to see our heroes beat up the bad guys, but it can be even more enjoyable to see them display compassion & understanding. -Alex

waderpants said...

I borrowed the plane and some other stuff.
I'll bring it back soon.
Your pal,
Jimmy Olsen."

That made me laugh out loud.
Nightwing is fabulous right now.

totaltoyz said...

People don't think of Alan Moore as a humorist, but he had some very funny bits in his stories.

Very true. A lot of them were very dark humor, though. My favorite is a scene that takes place in Arkham Asylum during some big catastrophe (I can't recall what) and the observation of one of the doctors.

"You think that's bad? The Joker has stopped laughing."

Nick said...

Well I guess I am gonna have to pick up this week's issue of JLU if Batman gives props to Blue & Gold.

Derek said...

Ooo, Dale, I know that one. That was in Swamp Thing. I just read it for the first time the other day.

Waderpants beat me to Nightwing's note, but I've got one other thing to add:

Aqualad's joyous clapping at being paired up with Robin and Kid Flash. I had to get up and leave the room, I was laughing so hard.

Wait! Two things! Guess who Forerunner just found floating around the Source Wall? Called it! Well, sort of.

Rob S. said...

I don't think the knotted gun is quite that big, though.

Captain Infinity said...

After the Teen Titans take down Green Arrow, the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, Batman single-handedly beats the snot out of them.

And that kind of characterization is pretty much why I'll never like Batman.

Laurie said...

Teen Titans is just ridiculously joy-filled and fun. Everything little Garth does makes me giggle.

Also, Green Lantern was great (Agent Orange?). I'm really interested in where it's going.

Anonymous said...

"Things that made me happy..." is entirely responsible for doubling the amount I spend on comics weekly.

That's a **good** thing...

I'm finding that taking a chance on something that made the list usually pays off, better than previews or other online reviews.

Here's a question for the gallery, do you check "Things..." before or after you read you comics each week?

Anonymous said...

I think the "Batman beats up the Titans" makes perfect sense. The others underestimated them from the very beinning. Aquaman pointed out he was AquaLAD, Diana didn't want her LITTLE sister tagging along ect...

Batman told Robin "We're through." Like you'd tell a partner.

So evil Batman didn't have that whole arrogant "they're just kids" mentality that foiled the others.

But thats besides the point that I wanted to make. I wanted to say that Nightwing is "crazy good".

And the best part? It ties together continuity threads in a way you don't feel like you missed anything.

Well that actually isn't the best part, just the best from a technical standpoint.

The actual best is Nightwing is acting like a Superhero adventurer.

Riddering said...

Tomasi's run on Nightwing makes me believe in love again, and in the future if Darwyn Cooke sets out to write a Wonder Woman series or miniseries or backup feature or crossword puzzles, I will be there.

(Now if I could just find an LCS that hasn't sold out of Teen Titans Year One...)

SallyP said...

My comics made me happy this week, and I LOVE it when my comics make me happy.

The Teen Titans mini was hilarious from the start, and getting more so. I had never heard of Amy Wolfram, but she's a keeper. Green Lantern was great, Nightwing was great...and that's a phrase I NEVER thought that I would say. The New Frontier special was utterly fabulous.

Randy Jackson said...

Lots of good comics this week, no doubt. However, I did have one quibble.

With The All New Atom, I was bothered that Ryan wasn't working with the other scientists on the problem from the beginning, especially since he's been shown to work with them from issue one. I still enjoyed the story, but I would think Ryan would be smart enough to have backup before conducting an experiment like that.

Of course, that is the way comic book scientists do work, but I'd expect something like that from Sivana, not Ryan.

Oh, and I'm seriously digging Nightwing now too. He is acting like a grown up Dick Grayson, not "Bruce Wayne lite". He's not a brooder, he's a goddamn superhero.

Scipio said...

"He is acting like a grown up Dick Grayson"