Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's comedy gold, I tell ya!

Okay, I have this great concept I want to pitch to DC!

It's great to have a big serious JLA, like we have now, but wouldn't it be cool to also have running with it concurrently a funny version, kind of like the JLI?

So, the hook would be that it's a sort of parody of the old Justice League Elite series or even *snort* Extreme Justice. You know, where the Justice League decides,

"Hey, we're not busy enough with out own lives of individual crimefighting and city-saving, and our monthly joint venture to save the world from Kanjar Ro or the like, so we need to go out and LOOK for people to beat up."

See, that idea is already funny. Just like it was in Justice League Elite. And Extreme Justice. And the Outsiders. Even when the writers didn't
know it was funny.

But how can I make it believable? I mean, who in the Justice League is stupid enough to try to pull that concept off (AGAIN!), without my being accused of mischaracterization? The kind of person who'll rush off without fear and throw himself head-first into any danger? Oh, wait, of course...

Hal Jordan.

Yeah, that'll work perfectly. But he'll need a second in command, somebody with some similar star power. Someone who's supposed to be there to keep him from acting rashly, and act as a counterbalance. But the funny part will be -- wait for it! -- that it'll be GREEN ARROW!

Bwa-ha-ha-hah! Oh, the hilarity that will ensue!

Then, just to make sure I don't completely trash their images, I'll surround them with a team of scrubs, the kind you usually don't find more than a mile from Dr. Thirteen. Batwoman, with her fabulous heels; no, I truly truly love her, but it's not like anyone else is going to use her. I'll need a gay guy for balance, so how about that really poorly dressed blue guy from Starman? The fashion-forward lesbian and the fashion-blind gay guy will make for hilarious irony!

And Ray Palmer, since, after having his image trashed in Identity Crisis and Countdown, there's really not much further harm that can be done. Besides shrinky guys are intrinsically funny, and when you throw in Jean Loring, The Wickedest Ex-Wife in the World, it's comedy gold.

Some others, as of yet undecided. Some Ugly Ducklings unwanted by the real iconic hero dynasties to which they belong. Freddie Freeman, maybe? You know, the hero who can't say his own name? Oh, and he's crippled! That's a double handicap, so he's in.... Triple, really, if you count being part of the Marvel Family!

In the same vein: maybe Supergirl? Nobody else knows what to do with her. Yeah, let's turn one of the most powerful beings on the planet loose to beat up suspects with no one but Hal Jordan and Ollie Queen to reign her in!

But I need someone else, again, intrinsically funny, like... like a gorilla (just like the laughfest of making Detective Chimp a gritty alcohol figure for
Shadowpact). Maybe my new favorite heroclix pog, Congo Bill/Congorilla? Nah! Too crazy! Besides, I genuinely like Congo Bill too much to put in him in such a stupid group.

So, tell me what do you think? It can't fail, right?

Wait, what's that, you say...? HE DID?!

Curse you, James Robinson for stealing my idea!!!!!!!


Patrick C said...

Say what you will, but I'm way more excited for this book than any future issues of JLA. I'm trying to cut back on the number of books I get each week, and I'll probably go for THIS Justice League over the current run.

The current run is just an advertisement for other books, Tangent Reign, Salvation Run. And how serious is a book with Roy Harper, Vixen, and Hawkgirl anyway?

And based on the latest issue, is Black Canary officially no longer in charge yet or what? I don't think they even told her that her whole team was going off-planet for awhile.

Allan said...

As someone who has stopped buying JLA as of late, I became immediately excited by the news of this alternative (and not just because I'm totally gay for Batwoman*). The whole thing just sounds like a whole bushel full of merriment.

*I'll let the academics amongst you try and parse the gender/sexual politics of this statement.

Anonymous said...

Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla?

You mean Blue and Gold?

Eh - it's been done.

suedenim said...

On one level it really sucks that Black Canary has been kind of abused as a character by her "promotion" from a title and milleu that suited her better (Birds of Prey).

But on another level, it's freakin' hilarious how little she's actually treated as team leader. It's like every time she gives an order, everybody else looks at Batman and Superman to see if they're OK with it before obeying. And Batman just ignores everything she says unless it happens to coincide with what he was going to do anyway....

OTOH, even *that* isn't all that out of sync with JLA history, is it? Seems to me the JLA has never taken the "leader" position all that seriously, what with the rotating chairmanship deal. Always seemed like they operated more under consensus, and "chairman" was more about keeping the monitor duty log and buying donuts for the meetings than anything important.

SallyP said...

Oh, it is true, the potential for hilarity is definitely there.

Oh Hal, it is such a good thing that you are so pretty, because using your HEAD to fly into a sign, just because you're irritated is such a Hal-ish thing to do. Add Ollie into the mix, and it's going to be bizarre! They can spend their time hitting on Batwoman or Supergirl. Or Mikaal. Ray can stand around being tiny, and Congorilla can do...whatever it is that he does.

It will be...awesome!

Scipio said...

A yellow sign, I might add.

Scipio said...

And based on the latest issue, is Black Canary officially no longer in charge yet or what?"

OMG, I'd actually forgotten she was supposed to be in charge!

Captain Infinity said...

Is Congorilla's fur yellow enough that he can beat the stuffing out of Hal anytime he wants?

Derek said...

*sigh* A golden gorilla isn't going to tear Hal arms off any easier than a normal one. The weakness to yellow only affects rookie Lanterns now.

*looks at his hand in horror*

Oh god, listen to me... I've turned into a... Green Lantern fan.

Jon said...

This looks way more interesting than the real JLA. Plus all the members will likely feature regularly unlike, say, Firestorm who gets recruited then doesn't appear in 4 straight issues...

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