Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ferris Aircraft

Having made a Heroclix map for the Flash & Co., I thought I should create one for the Green Lantern, too. Something aerial, to minimize the likelihood of his hitting his head.

the map of Ferris Aircraft ... on a very busy day.

Click on map to see it in excruciating detail.

Looks like, while Green Lantern and Sinestro slug it out in the skies, Star Sapphire is focused on protecting Ferris Aircraft property with force fields. Why, it's almost as if she owned stock in the company! While the map certainly looks busy, there's really not a lot going on terrain-wise, because the map is entirely aerial; no non-fliers or objects allowed!

However, there are some obstacles up there in the wild yellow & green yonder. Clouds providing hindering terrain to lurk in and residual constructs from the battle (the hand, the boxing glove, and brick wall) serve as blocking terrain. I was going to include the helicopter as blocking/hindering terrain, but that would simply occupy too much of the map, so I left it "below", .

Because it's in the air, all your figures must be fliers or be carried by fliers. Of course, a Green Lantern can carry 8 passengers, so you might want to take advantage of that Team Ability! But that's pretty dangerous; knock out the flier and any of his passengers fall to their doom, er, I mean, their

I tried hard to get an aerial feel for the map by creating an impression of three-dimensionality; how'd I do? This was an experiment and I'm interested knowing in what you think worked well... .


Anonymous said...

Where's the green bubble containing a stewardess?

I don't play HeroClix and I don't fully understand what's going on here, but I think I like it.

SallyP said...

Why, this is lovely! It's neat to see things from a flyer's perspective, and I think you've got that down pat.

kenaustin said...

As a new Heroclix player with only two games under my belt, I think it looks pretty good. I'm going to try using it in HCOL. Thanks!

Scipio said...

"Where's the green bubble containing a stewardess?"

Hm. Maybe we could make some objects for this map!

Derek said...

RE: the poll on the side.

"GL Corps HQ on Oa"

Damn! You're going to beat me for a Battle for Oa map.

That settles it. I'm spending my spring break making Heroclix maps.

... how sad is that?

Derek said...

Oh, and I forgot to comment on this map!

Looks great, Scipio. Aerial maps are a great idea, and this one looks like a lot of fun.

Between this and and the Central City map, I'm going to be spending the whole of my next paycheck at Office Max.

Anonymous said...

Next Heroclix map: a playing field for the Atom, in the form of Batman's workbench. Not quite sure whom he'd be fighting, maybe some bugs or a bat.

Scipio said...

"I'm going to be spending the whole of my next paycheck at Office Max."

Can't you get them printed more cheaply and nicely the folks at

"a playing field for the Atom"
Derek's already made a great map for the Atom! I'd like to make one, but I couldn't think of enough "shrinky" figures to use on it...