Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Hands-Down Favorite Moment in Sinestro Corps

As I'm sure you've heard or experienced firsthand already, there's quite a lot going in Sinestro Corps #1.

Quite a lot.

But I wanted to share with you my favorite moment. If you have your copy handy, please finger through to the section where Kyle, John, Guy, and Stewart are having lunch together at Cafe Oa. It's when Kyle is being vulnerable, sharing an intimate childhood memory with his friends about his recently deceased mother.

It's touching, with Kyle being so uncharacteristically serious and thoughtful and his friends quietly listening to him.

I just ... just can't help but imagine what's going through Hal Jordan's mind as Kyle tells him this story....

"GOD, my hands are beautiful!

Now these are what I could stare at for hours!
It's a pity no one can see my manicure through these gloves, though. Maybe I should switch to some fingerless ones? "


argh.sims said...

I had assumed he wanting to ask Kyle "Are you going to finish that beer?"

Steven said...

And I thought your favorite moment would be the way Kyle instinctually keeps his hand over his stein of beer in order to keep Guy from slipping a roofie in it. ("Just for kicks and giggles, y'know.")

Anonymous said...

"Kyle, your mom.. was her name.. Delores? Was she a stewardess for FerrisAir? Did She work the Rio/Star City route? KYLE...I'M YOUR FATHER!!"

Anonymous said...

"To hell with the Guardians and their diversion program, I need a drink!

A guy goes on one little bender and accidentally wipes out the corp. Gimmee a break, Im a Jordan. Its what Dad would have done.

Damnit Rayner get up and go take a piss so I can finish off that mug!"

SallyP said...

Well...Guy DID just give him a noogie, so I don't blame Kyle for keeping his drink protected.

And Hal DOES have beautiful hands. What a shame that Snapper Carr isn't there to admire them with him.

Christine Smith said...
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Anonymous said...

Good morrow, Scip,

I apologize for using a random comment for this purpose, but I invite you to come over here and dress me down for how inevitably I have betrayed a time-honored concept in the interest of creating a saleable franchise.

As the only die-hard Aquafan I am aware of, I can think of no one better to inform me of the disservice I provide. I thank you in advance for my lashing.

Help me Scipiobi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Luke said...


After reading your post, the first thing which popped into my head was Jonathon Lithgow on Third Rock From The Sun:


MaGnUs said...

Steven: LOL!!!! Kyle wakes up with guy cuddling next to him... and THEN turns into Parallax.