Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hawks & Haters

He-Man Hawkhaters Club (9 figures at 398 points)

ID Name Points
o090o090: Unique Injustice League (tm) Gentleman Ghost (tm)83
cdF004cdF004: Feat Injustice League (tm) The Society (tm)0
cd064cd064: Rookie Calculator (tm) Dr. Light (tm)57
leF002leF002: Feat None Damage Shield10
ic021ic021: Veteran None Blackfire (tm)76
o026o026: Experienced None Shadow Thief (tm)47
cdF003cdF003: Feat None Ambush5
cdF006cdF006: Feat None Running Start5
le093le093: Unique Kingdom Come (tm) Hawkman (tm)115


Hawks & Co (6 figures at 400 points)

ID Name Points
o060o060: Veteran Justice Society (tm) Hawkman (tm)135
U018U018: Veteran Justice League (tm) Hawkgirl (tm)51
o003o003: Veteran Police (tm) Blackhawks (tm)35
o048o048: Veteran Justice League (tm) Atom (tm)64
U070U070: Rookie None Doctor Fate (tm)85
o002o002: Experienced Police (tm) Blackhawks (tm)30


Anonymous said...

Hawks and Co. seems especially good. I've used the Atom and Hawkman together a couple of times. You have one guy who's almost impossible to hit, and one who's guaranteed to hit you. Plus, the Blackhawks are some of the most incredible pieces in the game for their points.

Scipio said...

Yes, it is darned playable.

argh.sims said...

But the Atom should have Major Mynah to ride. :-)

Anonymous said...

Who else thinks Hawkman's answer to his wife's question was a pornographic gesture?

MaGnUs said...

Of course, he's pointing to some whips on the wall!

Scipio said...

Virtually everything the Hawks do together is interpretable pornographically.

MaGnUs said...

My kind of comic.