Thursday, June 14, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics/comic book store this week.

  • Hey, Red Hood is an actual detective! He should teach Nightwing how to do that...
  • The Headless Abraham Lincoln.
  • Kid Amazo. He's fun and makes me disturbingly hot.
  • We've got around 70 subscribers to the Big Monkey Podcast!
  • Forerunner, the Not So Nice version of Harbinger.
  • Finally, someone remembered that Piper is a Rich Pinko Commie Liberal.
  • So, do you think there's an assigned rotation for who has to repair the Washington Monument? Kind of like Monitor Duty?
  • The unflappability of Mary Marvel.
  • It was good to see that Sleez is still around. It was even better to see that he isn't.
  • At least I'm not the only person who gets his butt kicked by Big Mike at Heroclix!
  • Kruger and Ross pegging almost every single hero's characterization in Justice; particularly Aquaman.
  • The Women's Discussion Group at Big Monkey last night was really hopping!
  • Am I actually starting to .... like Donna Troy? I think I need therapy.
  • The Jean Loring Showcase is out!


Tom Foss said...

I just listened to the first podcast last night. You had me at "Stingray has maybe the most boss costume ever."

Zaratustra said...

Don't forget Irish slangs for penis. (is 'wedding tackle' irish?)

Anonymous said...

Arrrgh. I've got to get into DC for those Heroclix tourneys like I've teased for months.

I'm supposed to get a gig in Philly for a few weeks this fall, so I'm hoping to get up there then!

Scipio said...

Tom, my favorite line from the first one is: "Would one BIG lightning rod have sufficed?"

From the second one, it's:
"They monitor everything but typos!"

Derek said...

Kid Amazo, huh?

I bought the previous arc of JLA: Clasified because I found the concept interesting, but this one did nothing for me. At first blush, at least.

Is it actually pretty good?

Rob S. said...

I'd hope "weddling tackle" is Scottish -- that's Mirror Master's native country.

Zaratustra said...

right Glasgow my bad.

Patrick C said...

Don't know if you heard the latest Flash news. Flash #13 is the last issue, then a new ongoing, picking up with issue #261 written by Mark Waid. No information on which Flash it's about yet.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Namor in the first issue of the new Sub-Mariner limited series HIGHLY reminiscent of Black Adam in 52, right down to the costume????

Wedding tackle..hehehehehe

MaGnUs said...

Actually, Namor has worn that costume on and off for a long time (not before Black Adam's first appearance in the 40s, but still)... I'm just thankful that he's wearing clothe...

Scipio: I liked the whole podcast, very entertaining. I might suggest two more things: 1) A bit of hiss/background noise reduction wouldn't hurt, and 2) Splitting it into sections downloadable separatly would rock.

Zackery said...

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