Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The 31st Century still observes Haikuesday

Well, it's not exactly "flowing", but Brainy's never really been the artistic type...

"All I really care
about is that we got who
we wanted." The End.

Perhaps you have your haiku on this panel or the Lightning Saga or the like?


Steven said...

Is that Bart you've got

In your rod, or are you just

Happy to see me?

Ragtime said...

Still day, lightning flash.

Crossovers with the Legion

Don't make any sense.

Brushwood said...

Ultra Humanite,

Per Degaton, Despero

big tease, never used

Anonymous said...

No haiku here, but I just saw the cover to JLA #10 online. Dear God.

I know Power Girl's mammalia have traditionally been drawn superhumanly large, but that is just outrageous. I'm guessing this artist didn't date much in high school.

Luke said...

Barry's still not back,
Derailed Bart in the process,
Why did we bother?

Nate said...

can make my brain as'plode
like akira ouch!

BIG MIKE said...

I have a square head
and I have very small eyes.
Benes drew my face.

Unknown said...

Hey, Brainiac 5.
Stop pointing that rod at me.
The Flash may go off!

Anthony Strand said...

Did you know cheetahs
run as fast as Jay Garrick?
Only in Brad's brain.

Anonymous said...

This crossover proves
Dale Eaglesham deserves more
Work than Ed Benes

Matthew E said...

Oh, well, whatever
Because the Legion is good
And more is better

Jeff said...

That may be Bart in
There, but that rod is not as
Cool as starman's was.

Derek said...

Ten issues and two
major team ups. Remind me,
please, why I should care.

Christine Smith said...

Oh..... Steven, I totally missed that about Bart.....

So the mission wasn't about Barry of Wally, it was about Bart. Bart's spirit/soul/animating intelligence didn't move to the great beyond, it was secured in the lightning rod Brainy holds on the last page.

Interesting, (hopefully)

MaGnUs said...

Bart in the rod.... hmmmm... interesting...

D.Bishop (aka Mr. Allison Blaire) said...

If I remember right
Bart Allen would be the last speedster any legion would use

dammit I tried but haikus dont work for me

I could never see Brainiac 5 depending on Bart Allen as the sole hope of anything, especially hes anything like post Zero Hour Brainy.

Anonymous said...

Lightning Saga sucked
But at least we got Wildfire
For me, that's something.

Anonymous said...

The Lightning Saga:
So bad, Millennium looks
like... nah, it's still crap.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who you've
fought, sweetie, you've never fought
Brainiac 5. --Dreamy

Anonymous said...

The brand new product
That's sweeping the Multiverse:

(OK, technically, it's Flash in a stick, but this is marketing, people!)

Marcos said...


Trials of Shazam
Trade paperback volume 1?!
Nothing's happened yet!

Steven said...

Sorry Christa, I just used Bart because Barry was one syllable too many.

Christine Smith said...

Spoilers for Sinestro Corps:

The Sinestro Corps?
Superboy Prime. Not scared yet?

Christine Smith said...
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MaGnUs said...

They had me at Despotellis...