Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comic Book Irony

As surpassingly unlikely as it might seem, I now own a signed copy of Sword of Atlantis #1.

Despite my having given him nothing but grief about that title, magnanimous Kurt Busiek (whose current work on Superman I madly adore, by the way) was kind enough to grant Big Monkey Comics an exclusive interview recently, done by Devon of Seven Hells.

The Aquaman related portion of the interview is now posted for your delectation.

I want to publically thank Kurt for doing the interview (thanks, Kurt!!!) and Jon Cohen of Beyond Comics for helping make it happen.

You're a mensch, Kurt; and thanks for the autographed copy of SOA#1, on whose personalized cover Aquaman, Aquaman, and King Shark are greeting me warmly.Oh, the Comic Book Irony of it all.


Tom Foss said...

Is there a word that means both "poetic" and "hilarious" at the same time?

If so, could it also be used as a sound effect?

Anonymous said...

It's nice that Kurt has a sense of humor.

It's nice that Scipio does too.

Anonymous said...

Scipio has a sense of humor?!!

No way!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's the rumor.

naladahc said...

Ok. I'm not buying the book at all since I'm not a fan of the character or typical supporting cast.

But I have to know, is this Aquababy undead and all grown up?

Anonymous said...

But I have to know, is this Aquababy undead and all grown up?


Eric said...

Anonymous: Scipio has a sense of humor?!!

k26dp: Well, that's the rumor.

So, it's a humor rumor, is it?

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