Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blowing Stuff Up with Starman

How cool was Starman?

So cool he could compose flattering yet minatory haiku while jogging at the speed of a horse.

But let me blow up
that place; that sort of stuff is
right down my alley!

I swoon at his personal and poetic power! Oh, we shall not see your like again, Ted Knight!

Can you (even when not jogging alonside a running horse) compose a haiku to compare with that of Starman?


Anonymous said...

Is that Shining Knight next to him? Why the hell does Shining Knight have a beard? And where are the horse's wings?

Scipio said...

That's not the Shining Knight.

Jeff R. said...

Jogging? The faker!
Ted's hand grasps viking's ankle:
The horse pulls them both.

Anonymous said...

Such velocity!
Running that fast, you steer with
the trusty head fin

Bully said...

That's not Shining Knight.
But you kind of wish it was.
Man, DC's Thor sucks.

Anonymous said...

Stand aside, Viking!
Let the amazing Starman
Make with the Blooey!

Anonymous said...

My sons disappoint,
I went insane after war,
Where is my wife?

Have we ever seen Mrs. Knight?

Anonymous said...

Quick, Starman! Grab your
cosmic rod, we need you to
defend the Ren Fair!

Scipio said...

Okay THAT is surely the winner!

Anonymous said...

Make way, longhaired fool!
Must find screwy typewriter,
Read Haiku Tuesday!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Colors: crimson, green!
Symbol: a star on his chest!
Run, Christmas Spirit!

Ted Knight with real knight
One fin, two horns, a white horse
adds up to coolness

Hagar to Helga:
"Lucky Eddie found this guy.
Let's go raid England."

Mark said...

What are you doing
Starman? Horsies are cool but
Mordru's a villain!