Sunday, April 09, 2006

Vibe is the Spice of Life!

If no one else will, then I will speak the unspeakable, mention the unmentionable, and eff the ineffable. Like the bold and innocent boy who shouted that "the Emperor has no clothes" when all around him were cowed into silence, I must declare:

The DC Universe has no Vibe.

Reading the DCU without Vibe is like drinking coffee black. Yes, Dan, it's a great blend, but... it would taste so much better IF ONLY...! And, sure, I know people who like their coffee black, but do you trust any of those people? I mean, really? Supervillains drink their coffee black, gang, and they're the same people who prefer a universe without Vibe in it.

Vibe could take down a multiversal vibrational tuning fork. In fact, he did, in the original Crisis. And if Dick turned to him and said "Forget him; focus on this", you wouldn't hear Vibe complaining that it was too big to handle; sh'yeah, as if.

Negating vibrational frequencies?
Okay, the dude's
name is "Vibe", tu sabes. No sweat, primo.

Vibe would love to go to the game with them. The Puerto Ricans, they love the baseball. Can't you imagine the hilarity that would ensue with Hal, Ollie, and Paco at the ballpark? Ollie and Hal in their muted polo shirts and Paco wearing, well, what Paco wears?

Vibe coulda done that, too; and he'd have done it while breakdancing, I might add. Of course, so could I, or, for that matter, Stargirl or the killer from Identity Crisis, since we all wear the same boots.

I bet Vibe could even make Jonah Hex smile.
The laughing, the dancing, the festive outfit and fonny ahsent.
"Oh, Cisco!" "Oh, Pancho!"

And if Vibe had been there, not only would Hal and Julie have had a night far, far beyond "amazing", but they'd remember Paco's name the next morning and forever after, te aseguro.

Face it, folks; life tastes better with Vibe!!!


Steven said...

Where is Reverb, anyway?

And there will be a new Vibe comic in 31 days. You can start the countdown in the sidebar.

Scipio said...

Oh? What comic is that?

Steven said...

JLA Classified #22, the glorious return of Justice League Detroit...

You're making fun of me, aren't you?

Scipio said...

Oh, yes, that one! I'm just afraid it's going to be merely an excuse to make fun of them.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been following IC, but I'm assuming that Nightwing and Superboy didn't get into any fights on their way to the tower. If they had, Superboy would have announced at least five times that he still had "tactile telekinesis." Or maybe Nightwing's just making fun of him. "You're sure you still have it? Really?"

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen of DC Comics lately, I don't see how Justice League Detroit can make things worse.

Bill D. said...

Hal Jordan... a Yankees fan?

I knew there was a reason that I hated that guy.

Besides the fact that he's a sleazy, head-injury prone tool, anyway.

Scipio said...

You certainly wouldn't find Vibe routing for the Yankees!

Anonymous said...

About Superboy's once-vaunted "tactile telekinesis", once it was revealed that he actually was the love child of Lex & Clark, he stopped mentioning his trademark power every few pages. It was very disconcerting.


CalvinPitt said...

Could Vibe have countered Brother Eye's vibrational frequency? Does he require some sort of medium to project his energy through, like air?

Just wondering. And sure, bring Vibe back. Anything that makes DC a little less gloomy would be welcome.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Infinite Chrisis, with it's slaughter of minor characters throughout the DCU and restructuring of continuity, was all a prelude to bringing Vibe back!

Well, maybe not.

Why would Hal Jordan root for the Yankees? Johns is reminding us that repeated blows to the head lead to mental difficulties. The fact that Guy is the one with the tickets reinforces the connection.

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

I was kinda wondering. How many people here have actually READ the Justice League Detroit issues anyway? I just dicovered and read them a few months before I discovered your blog, but who else HAS read them?

Anonymous said...

It is odd that Hal's a Yankee fan. It's not like California has a shortage of baseball teams. Root for the local team, Hal!

Scotus said...

While I'm sure a resurrected Vibe would indeed love to go to the game with Hal and Ollie, I doubt they'd want to take him. Let's review:

Hal: Sacrificed himself to reignite the sun and save the Earth.
Ollie: Sacrificed himself to save Metropolis from a bomb.
Paco: Was strangled by a Professor Ivo robot.

Which one of those deaths is not like the others? Even among superheroes, there's got to be a cool kids table, and Vibe just wouldn't qualify.

Anonymous said...

I've read JL Detroit! I believe I'm only missing one issue from my collection.

And Hal was a fan of the Coast City baseball team. I presume, though, the team hasn't been replaced since the city was destroyed and then reconstructed without people (pro sports like to place their franchises where people actually live). I don't think he'd root for another West Coast team; they'd all be traditional rivals of his old team.

Still no excuse to root for the Yankees.

I believe he'd temporarily root for a team from Central City/Keystone City. Their traditional rivals would be more from the middle of the country than the West Coast and he'd get a chance to visit a Flash whenever he saw a game.

Ragnell said...

I thought Hal was an Angels fan.

Besides, the implication is that Guy's the Yankees fan and Hal's just a moocher who wants free admission.

Ragnell said...

Hey, I didn't notice Hal was shirtless in that scene.

I was so distracted by my dread of the angst train (caused by the previous two pages), I totally missed that!

Anonymous said...

In the DCU the Angels are the Coast City team!

Anonymous said...

Justice League Detroit is my favorite incarnation of the Justice League.

I'm being serious!

Really I am!

How can I convinve you?

Anonymous said...

Damn, that Jonah Hex is dreamy.

Steven said...

"Damn, that Jonah Hex is dreamy."

Like 'em with a little meat hanging off them, don't ya?

Also, Guy, a Yankee Fan? Hal just a moocher who "generously" shares someone else's tickets? Makes complete goddamn sense.

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