Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yeah, I'm A Superstar.

I'm Devon and Scip's allowed me this space to point this out...

Thank you.

Corps Values

According to Devon (who erreth not) over at "If You Had a Brain", there will be a new Green Lantern Corps book, separate from the "Green Lantern" title, starting in August. Geoff Johns will be writing it (in his spare time, one assumes).

I have never been a fan of the Green Lantern Corps. In fact, I always hated it. Maybe it's just me, but having 3599 other people (and chipmunks and fishguys and living planets and tree-beings) with the same power as your "main character" diminishes his importance. Too much "dynastic" not enough "centerpiece" in that model!

However, I'm very excited about this new Corps, which is only a handful of Lanterns, all of whom we know and who have served time as Earth's GL (Hal, John, Kyle, Guy, and some times Kilowog). In the old version, they were trying to get you to care about individual GLs because you cared about the Corps. The new version is smarter and takes a more natural approach: we already care about the individual GLs and so we will automatically care about them as a group.

And as previously discussed here, they cohere nicely with Hal as the Dynastic Centerpiece, John serving as Junior Version, Kyle (loosely) in the role of Kid Sidekick, and Guy as (obviously) the Black Sheep.

Like Hawkman's, Green Lantern's mythos will then leap to a fast build-up of an "anti-dynasty" of villains. Look for a new Star Sapphire, an awakened Hector Hammond, an upgraded Black Hand, and the possible return of Nero as a sidekick for Sinestro.

Of course, it's the SHARK I really want to see...!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Riddler in Green Arrow

I love the Riddler! And he's popped up at the end of this month's Green Arrow.

Now, I'm still smarting from the last time Eddie battled Ollie. Judd Winick's riddles were, to put it kindly, not worthy of the Riddler. But the story still built nicely, and when it turned out the Riddler had a nuclear bomb at his disposal...well! Any time the Riddler is used as a serious threat, I'm on board. But then Winick ruined it with the random appearance of demons. Judd's writing is occasionally afflicted with plotus interruptus: things are chugging along just fine, then he throws in demons, or aliens, or monsters. Ach, kids these days with the demons and the monsters! I blame it on "Buffy".

Anyway, I have higher hopes for this Green Arrow vs. Riddler story. Judd's doing a crackerjack job on Batman lately, and he seems committed to taking the Riddler seriously. But the best news is that this is the "revamped" Riddler seen recently in Legends of the Dark Knight, where he got a new look, became more competent and dangerous. He actually fooled Batman, escaped, and got away with the swag. Go, evil!

But LODK storeis can be ignored, ya know, and I feared this marvelous Riddler redux would be washed away by some hack clinging to the goofy Riddler of old. But now that he's appeared in a mainstream context, I'm convinced this version is here to stay.

Or, at least, until Alex Ross gets his hands on him with his Legion of Doom series...

More Charlton Conspiracy Theory

My conspiracy theory that DC is using the Charlton characters before their rights expire grows like mold on my brain...

In the new "Brave & the Bold" 80-page giant, DC put the regular wackiness you'd expect: Green Arrow paired with Martian Manhunter, Batman working with the Flash, the (Kirby) Sandman with the (ugh) Newsboy Legion. But they also included a story with Captain Atom, Nightshade, the Ghost, and Punch and Jewellee. Ah HA!

The special gold-plated edition of The Watchmen is coming out soon. We all know the story: at DC's request, Moore created new characters to use that were based on the Charlton characters. Moore wanted to use the Charltonians, but DC didn't want to spoil them for other projects. OR PERHAPS ... DC knew their rights would expire without renewal and they didn't want to lose Watchmen because they knew it would be a best-seller?

My foil-hat, quickly, where is my foil-hat....!?!?!

Go on, laugh; but they laughed when I said the Purple Pilgrim would return!!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Purple Prose

I knew I should have mentioned the Purple Pilgrim here at the Absorbascon.

In a private e-mail to friends, I was helping them get up to speed on Hawkman's rogues gallery and predicted some of the ones we'd be seeing from the old days, including...the Purple Pilgrim.

What showed up in the latest DC solicitations today? "Hawkgirl is unaware of how close she is to death at the hands of the newly resurrected Pilgrim!"

And they laughed at me...

Fools! The utter fools!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Jean and Sue, Together Again?

And you think your ex-wife is bad!

Jean Loring will be the new Eclipso. Eclipso was scary enough tethered to a nice, normal person; what will it be like as personified by everyone's favorite braindancing, addlepated attorney from heck?

Like Eclipso, the Spectre needs a human host (as the upcoming Day of Vengeance will make painfully clear). Who will it be?

Sue Dibny? Can't you see Ralph now, "Honey, the Pattersons are coming over for dinner tonight, PLEASE don't turn them into trees if they forget to use the recycling bins, like you did the Douglasses..."

Blue Beetle? "Who's the bug NOW, Max?," he thunders, grinding Lord under heel. "BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

Hippolyta? Heh, the Spectre would wind up holding her back!

Or do you think it will be someone random we haven't seen?