Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Name that Store!

Dear Readers; help!

A friend of mine is opening a comic book store here in the Mid-Atlantic region and he is looking for good names for it (names not yet taken, I might add!).

The current favorite among our circle is: "Giant Monkey" Books & Games.

Any other ideas? What would you name a comics cum games store?


Anonymous said...

Monkey Pirate Books & Games

naladahc said...

Stinky Pete's Paper Crack Bonanza & Games

naladahc said...

But then again, I always wanted a comic store named something silly.

Anonymous said...

Giant Robot Mind-Controlling Monkey.


Rue This Day Comics and Games


Puny Human Comics

Max said...

Books of Doom

Four Colors and some Staples

Dye and Bleed

Bleed and Dye

Near Mint and Beyond!!!

The Monkey's Libary... OF DOOM!!!

The Stash and Cash

Where Your Mom Threw Your Comics..

The Stuff of Dreams

Anonymous said...

Just ... One .... Chance Comics


Choke! Sob! Comics


Exclamation Point Comics


It's All Geek to Me


Geek and Ye Shall Find


Nerd Nexus Comics and Games


Oy! Not in the Face with the Hurting and the Ouchy! Comics and Games


Spinner Rack Comics

Scipio said...

I LOVE those first three!

Jack has, in fact, selected
"Big Monkey".

Hey, he's a DC fan; monkeys won.

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