Friday, April 08, 2005

Are the Charltonians Making Their Exit?

Are DC's rights to the Charlton heroes about to expire? The flurry of work around some of the Charlton properies seems like desperate attempts by DC to use them while they can...

Didn't it seem odd that the JLU cartoon used Captain Atom twice (or was it three times?) almost immediately?

Didn't it seem odder that they did the same thing with the Question?

And hasn't the Question gotten an unusual amount of "airtime" in the JLU comic book? He just had a whole issue of it to himself ... as did Blue Beetle just a little while ago.

Is it coincidence that Nightshade is in the "Day of Vengeance" miniseries? Gee, I wonder whether she'll survive!

Why bother introducing, in his own miniseries, this "Breach" character, who's so very much like Captain Atom?

Wouldn't DC want to give the best known Charltonian, Blue Beetle, the opportunity for a big splashy farewell? And they did.

Speaking of which, Shazam now has the Scarab. Will that magical relic be a 'victim' of the Day of Vengeance story?

Notice how Sarge Steel has been kind of phased out of DCU happenings, even though he was a big player for quite a while?

What would possess DC to suddenly do a revival of Son of Vulcan in a whole miniseries? And to give him a kid sidekick (a character that would then be owned completely by DC)?

I don't know exactly what I think about all these...coincidences. But I have an idea what the Question would think!


Anonymous said...

Where's Punchy and Jewelee? Scip, tell me they'll survive!

Scipio said...

If there is some legal reason they disappear, P&J will have to go. BUT they have a child, who of course the Joker could kill, and the Riddler could take the body and give it to Ra's Al Ghul who puts it in the Lazarus Pit...

maybe THAT's who Hush is?