Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I don't have the strength yet to tackle the mythic structures and archtypes underlying rogues' galleries. Yet.

But, during the wonderful renaissance of Hawkman's rogues' gallery that's now going on, just reflect on this: a LOT of his villains are "guys ya can't hit". Jim Craddock, the Gentleman Ghost. Anton Lamont, the Fadeaway Man. Carl Sands, the Shadow Thief.

And when your hero's main battle tactic is hitting people with a mace, that's pretty clever.

And, for Hawkman, really annoying. Hawkgirl, however, has (slightly) less testosteorone than he does, so she doesn't seem quite so peeved about it.

Oh, a shout out to you fellow Heroclix nerds out there... I'm pretty good at "power exegesis", explaining why certain figures have certain powers on their dials. But if there's a good explanation why Hawkgirl has OUTWIT on her dial, I'm still waiting to hear it...!


Anonymous said...

she outwits them by hiting them on the head with her mace so they drop 50 i.q. points

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