Friday, April 22, 2005

Mynah Problem

Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
I've been called to task for omitting someone from my Dynastic Centerpiece treatment for the Atom: Major Mynah.

You remember, of course. During an adventure in Cambodia, the Atom saved the life of a bird, whose wings got broken, but Ray had Hawkman devise for it mechanical wings powered by cosmic rays so the bird could fly very fast indeed, which he did in further adventures whenever Ray rode him around. Oh, and he talked, because mynahs do, you know.

I don't know what drugs Gardner Fox used, but I'm glad they are now illegal.


naladahc said...

*spoiler* Major Mynah is actually the major villain in Infinite Crisis.

I'm sure it all ties into Sue Dinby's death and Jean Loring being manipulated by a jealous Major Mynah.

Anonymous said...

Excellent theory naladahc! And why not? If Quisp can be a major JLA foe, why not Major Mynah? I'm sure it ties in to Itty being behind Hal Jordan's homicidal rampage.


Scipio said...

You KNOW about the Itty connection?

Ah, how sad.

Now I have to kill you...

Prosper said...

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