Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Audition Tape: Cascade

"Hi, I'm Cascade, but you can call me Sujatmi Sunawaparti (if you practice saying it). If you don't remember me that's because I'm one of those 'international' heroes DC makes up to pretend that all its heroes aren't in the U.S., and then forgets about. Remember the funeral scene when Sue Dibny died? I wasn't in it.

"Anyway, I'm your basic Fighter Against Unjust Tyranny Type and I'm from Indonesia where Unjust Tyranny is one of our principle products. Today I'm auditioning for the part of:

Female Counterpart to Aquaman

because I have the power to transform 'any part or all of my body into water, can psychically control large bodies or water, causing them to take simple shapes'. At least, that's what the DC Encyclopedia says, where, by law, all characters in Justice League Quarterlies must have entries.

"To help complete his Dynastic Centerpiece model, Aquaman needs a Female Counterpart, which he hasn't had since Mera went wacko (again). Well, except for that hydrotramp Dolphin, but the less said about that little scandal the better. And Aquagirl doesn't count because she's a Kid Sidekick....

"I could accompany Aquaman on land missions, supplying him with water whenever it would help. Under the sea, I could stay in my water-form, which would make me stealthy and hard to hit. Like Mera, I can shape and form water (although not as well as the evil Eel). I also wear a tight scaly bodysuit like Mera; it's a water-power thing, you know.

"Please rescue me from obscurity, Aquaman Creative Team. I just know I could be part of the Aqua-Team!"

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cascade, could you pls contact me in I'm also from Indonesia, and just found out (imagine!) that Cascade was from Indonesia! I wanna write a fanfic involving her, and I need your opinion.

ma kasih banyak ya!