Saturday, May 25, 2013

Coast CIty

You know who doesn't get enough love?  Hal Jordan.

That's not because not enough people love him.

 You mean flapping ridiculously and going nowhere, Carol?

Because everyone loves Hal Jordan.

They can't all look like Kairo, Hal.

Well... almost everyone.

The Batman is not a gentle lover, but he's a fun date.

It's because Hal Jordan cannot possibly get all the love he deserves, not even from Hal Jordan.

It's really best not to think about what Hal does when he's alone.

So here's a little love from me for Hal; his own Heroclix map:

We know very little visually about Coast City (Hal spends most of his time flying in space, sucking face, or staring in a mirror).  Depicted here is the view I imagine of it as Hal flies in from the Pacific Ocean.  

On the lowest level there's a little resort, with a boardwalk and beach.  On the level above it, one of those winding roads on a California cliff.  On the top level where the actually city lies off the edge of the map, I've given it a "Hollywoodland" style sign, assuming it would be as vain as he is.  Or perhaps they just put it there so Hal remembers where he lives.

And of course, I've used only the colors of Hal's costume, so he'll feel at home.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things That Made Me Happy...

…in my comics this week.  Actually, this includes comics from last week, too.

Okay, not merely Gypsy walking barefoot through downtown Detroit but… a CLOSE-UP of her feet!  Rule 34, I assume.
Dale Gunn is…is…m-m-married?!?!  That’s…the second biggest surprise in comics this week!
Among the many mindboggling wonders of Earth-1 is that its Detroit has a library.  A functioning public library.  I’m guessing that, ironically, Earth-1 Detroit is better off than ours BECAUSE it was attacked by Darkseid, which sparked government and private investment in renovation.  But I like the implication being that getting attacked by Darkseid and his armies could only improve Detroit.
“Official” Justice League busin--?  Oh--- I get it.  Sneaky.
Aaaargh; dammit.  Fine, fine, DC; the popcorn won me over.
Someone assist me to the couch!  I just saw Gypsy buy SHOES.
“Cynnthia”. Oh, how I laughed and laughed…!
There are still file cabinets in the Batcave, just like in the Golden and Silver Ages.
WHY there are still file cabinets in the Batcave.
Elemental Woman brings new meaning to the term “headlights”.
Writing the Flash – who is a police scientist – as a detective title rather than a superhero one is both very smart and extremely refreshing.
I’ve never seen anyone haunt… himself.  Another winner from Adventures of Superman.
So, teeny tiny brains are impermeable to telepathy, eh?  Where’s Hal Jordan when you need him?
Oh, Barry, you make me laugh.  Your old routine IS gorilla invasions, rogues, and jail breaks.
Okay; Prison of War can see through his mask, has a bondage relic that can create force fields, and can summon a platoon of ghost comrades to fight other supernatural threats?  What an absurd and idiotic mishmash of ad hoc, thematic abilities.  GOD, I love the DCU.
Isn’t that pretty much the last person you’d expect to be taking the subway?
What Swamp Thing is afraid of.
I *snicker*, I just can’t *snort*-- okay, okay I’ll say it: apparently, Superman’s in Wonder Woman’s box.

LOL, 'reversed the flow of his synpases'?  Synapses do not have "flow", DC comics; who's writing this stuff... Garnder Fox, Enemy of Correct Science?!
Putting him in “the Morgue” is like throwing a pig in the mud.
Finally, an origin for Black Adam that makes a little more sense.  In a Shazam-y way, of course.
Vartox is my new favorite comedy character.  I can’t say that Channel 52 is what would want DC to do with valuable page real estate in every book every month, but at least in brings a little light touch to a literary universe that seems otherwise devoid of humor (except for Element Woman).
“Hot … and melty.”  Okay, Vartox, maybe you have some competition.
Speaking of which, the odd couple of Jonah Hex and Booster Gold is nearly enough to make me forget Blue&Gold.
Wow, he picked up Xanadu so fast you’d think she was Zatanna.  But then again, he’s good at that sort of thing.
It would not have occurred to me (but should have) that he would be the prime suspect in Marissa’s murder.  But in the New52, why would anyone suspect anyone else?
Ah, J’onn J’onnz; creepy, heartless, manipulative liar.  Welcome back, J’onn.
 “We can be exciting and practical.”  And THAT is why I love that man.
“What gave me away…?”  LMFAO, okay, more competition for Vartox.
I’m starting to warm up to The Others a bit, but I still would love to see Zeema the Breast Woman give up that magic metro card amulet she has to Arthur, who REALLY needs the ability to pop around anywhere he wants in the ocean (or elsewhere).  Because if there is a power “lamer” than “talking to fish” it’s “talking to jaguars”.
Characterizing normal speed as “real time”; interesting way of thinking of it, DC.
Ibac; heh, nice reference.  One I assume we’ll see again. 
“You two know each other?”  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHhahaa.  Indeed.
Well, well, well; look who’s actually more powerful than a locomotive.
Now that is a great Superman cover.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Catwoman Henchmen

As previously mentioned, there's a Heroclix set coming out based on the 1960s' Batman television series.  We don't know yet what's in the set (although it's easy to make some pretty safe bets), but there's little doubt that there'll be a Catwoman figure.

Or that it will be something outrageously sexy in its pose.

But Catwoman deserves those henchmen she used to have, with the adorable little kitty-cat hats.

And so with the artistic help of my favorite Israeli illustrator Aviv Itzcovitz,  I offer you these tokens to use as henchman for her (based on the rules I mentioned here). Enjoy!