Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Eyes of Hal Jordan: The Musical!

I don't care what the weather man says,

When the weatherman says it's raining,

You'll never hear me complaining,
I'm certain the sun will shine,
I don't care how the weather vane points,
When the weather vane points to gloomy,
It's gotta be sunny to me, when your eyes look into mine;


Jeepers Creepers!

Where'd ya get those peepers?
Jeepers Creepers!

Where'd ya get those eyes?

Gosh all git up! How'd they get so lit up?

Gosh all git up! How'd they get that size?

Golly gee! When you turn those heaters on,

Woe is me! Got to get my cheaters on,

Jeepers Creepers!

Where'd ya get those peepers?

Oh! Those weepers!

How they hypnotize!
Where'd ya get those eyes?


D said...

I seem to recall a Siouxie and the Banshees song now...

SallyP said...

Great jumping horny toads! That...that was truly disturbing.

You do realize that I'm going to steal a whole passel of these. They're just so delightful weird.

LissBirds said...

Geez, I almost spit my Toblerone onto my laptop I laughed so hard...!!

Though SallyP's right..it *is* a tad disturbing...

Now I know who's going to show up in my nightmares tonight...(HAL JORDAN IN FLAHSDANCE)

Diamondrock said...

Come now, surely you've all learned by now that eating and drinking while reading the Absorbascon can be hazardous to your health.

Heck, I've been keeping my airways clear ever since the DRAMA of Starman almost killed me.

Rich said...

Given his history of severe head traume, its a surprise the old optics focus as well as they do, don't you think?

Sea-of-Green said...

Not sure the current trend of having his powers "blank out" his eyes is much of an improvement, though!