Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Today's haiku comes from Batman #52, where the "Thinker" -- a sort of Ur-Egghead -- using his 'thinking machines' to deduce that Alfred Pennyworth is Batman. Which gives you an idea of why we never saw this 'Thinker" again.  

It's titled, "SEIZE HIM!":

"So YOU are Batman!
You stupid fool! Did you think
you could outwit me?"

What haiku can you compose to comment on this misguided villain, the hapless butler, or the tendency of characters in any single Golden Age panel to each be wearing a different color of clothing?


Andrew said...

Orange, red, and green
suits? Easy buy. What's hard is
matching fedoras.

r duncan said...

Missed it by that much.
Oh so close and yet so far.
For you, no cigar.

Anonymous said...

Nitpicking ahoy!
Golden Age: "Alfred Beagle".
That's why I'm alone.

Nathan Hall said...

Batman is Alfred
Bruce Wayne's Butler! An old man
With quite a young chin

(I hope I didn't
Botch the last line here, like I
Did the last two times)

Bryan L said...

The answer's right there, with one small change:

Oh, no, no! This is
All a terrible mistake!
I am not Batman!