Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Things That Made Me Happy.... my comics this week.

  • Topo.  Unlike the Atlanteans, I'm always delighted to see Topo.  Although I suppose we won't be seeing him play any instruments any more.
  • "You enormous oaf."  GODS, I just LOVE that man.  He's really the only person who could/would say such a thing.
  • Third-world terrorists? The real world.  Third-world terrorists in high-tech ant costumes?  Comic books.
  • Is Swatt the new version of one of my favorite supervillains from the Pfeiffer-Gleason Era?
  • I think Dr Veritas is only studying the hideous body-horror results of alien-mutant-viral proliferation so that she can do something about her hair color.
  • So, do you think they took something out of that Atlantean or put something into him? Because those stitches are there for a reason.
  • Always good to see Lion-Mane, although I prefer him with fewer limbs.
  • Hm. I didn't recognize "the Boss".  But I suppose it no longer matters, eh?
  • Like Batman, I found that funny.
  • Scavenger may not be a very flashy villian, but he's obviously pretty slick.
  • Reading "super-immune-system" gave me a Silver Age rush.
  • So did the "vapor bats". 
  • Why "Dr. Fate" has a silly name.
  • Speaking of silly names, I don't know that they've ever actually called it "the Tumbler" in comics books before, but I was amused they did.
  • Never has the Penguin used an umbrella more poignantly.
  • Looks like Grant Morrison's version of Lex Luthor lasted about as long as a sneeze, and had much less impact.
  • Well, that's a place I didn't expect Mera's husband to show up, and apparently neither did she.
  • Batman hates sarcasm.
  • ATTACK OF THE SPHINX!  Where's Prof. McElroy when you need him?
  • Speaking of which, I couldn't read that final narration box in Batwing without hearing William Dozier's voice. If that's how it's going to be, count me in.


r duncan said...

Topo? What's next. Peter Puffer Fish?

Scipio said...

If he's anything like Topo, I certainly hope so.

SallyP said...

It WAS delightful to see Topo again...although I am not sure that the rest of the Atlanteans quite thought so.

Now...if he would just ride a giant sea-horse!

Bryan L said...

Yup, giant sea horse is required. Of course, with the way sea horses swim, they wouldn't be a very fast mode of transport. I also enjoy Lion-Mane, and I was rather intrigued by his new look. It's different, that's for sure.

r duncna said...

BTW, who was your favorite supervillain from the Pfeiffer Gleason era?