Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rock, Hal's Head, Paper.

Monday we revisited one of my favorite themes (memes?), the Eyes of Hal Jordan.

It's less well known that the "Hal Jordan's Head" phenomenon, but much creepier.  Another HJ theme is that, as a function of Hal's vanity, he often winds up creating, fighting, or otherwise dealing with copies of himself.

It has been theorized that crossing the streams of these Jordanian phenomena might destroy the DCU as we know it.

Oh, wait.  Hal already did that once.

Anyway, for the curious who have been searching for that ONE panel that captures all three phenomena so they can have it blown up, framed, and put in their cubicle at work to keep everyone away (Hi, SallyP!), I give you this.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Ultimate Hal Jordan Panel:


Bryan L said...

Is that a giant Eye of Hal staring at us from the top of the panel? There's just so much going on here visually that I'm overloading.

Plot-wise, not so much. Talk about rhetorical questions. Yes, we know EXACTLY how Hal will fare against a common rock.

SallyP said...

Bwhahaha! Oh, you searched long and hard for something that so perfectly encapsules Hal's propensity for bombast...and head injuries.

Nathan Hall said...

But let's see how you
Fare against a common rock ...
Someone will get stoned.

Scipio said...

Heh, actually, I didn't, Sally. I stumbled it across while looking for something and suddenly realized that it was a one-of-a-kind panel.

SallyP said... very perfect.

Anonymous said...

Lol! Love it! Which comic is it from?