Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy my comics this week.

  • Garfield ups his game.
  • Oh, well, then.... gravity cables. That's how you lift Manhattan.
  • Deathstrokes' Solomonic solution.
  • OMG, Inferno makes me HOT (appropriately enough).
  • Truth be told, gorillas are lousy in bed. Even giant ones.
  • They didn't downplay Static's powers, did they?
  • The brevity of Kay's reprieve.
  • So, like the Fantastic Four representing the four elements, I guess this foursome represent Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation, Tom of Finland Fetishism, Bondage, and Golden Showers?
  • Vandal's night mask.
  • Uh, Lois? Don't you think that's overkill on the locks?
  • Abuse.
  • Black Lightning and Static are the new Batman and Robin.
  • "It's a dead body. Get used to it."
  • OMG, Holocaust makes me HOT (appropriately enough).
  • Commissioner Gordon's biggest fan.
  • I give up... what ARE those numbers?
  • "Who is Batgirl?" is the new "Who is Superwoman?"
  • Power Girl doesn't really need to do anything on her covers, does she?
  • Dini's Harley Quin goes shopping.
  • Oh, of course, Sam Lane knew him.
  • Kate Spencer's gutsy speech.
  • OMG, Firefly makes everyone HOT!
  • The Red Circle articles.
  • Hey, Jeff Pierce is fireproof!
  • Batman takes his shot.
  • The Origin of the Ultra-Humanite.
  • If Lana Lang is dying, why aren't I happier?



"Love your country... but use protection when you do."

CAP GIVES BIRTH TO Artem Emelianov

Madonna offers to adopt offspring.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haikuesday with Zook

Well, Showcase Volumes do not let themselves readily to be scanned, but see if you can make out this haiku entitled, "At Time Like This!"

"I fear Manhunter
not feeling well! Why he do
crazy jig in sky...?"

This one's got it all. Zook, the mysterious talking pet whom we'll discuss later; the Angry Freedom Rings of Doom (they are multicolored, by the way; it's a major plot point!); the people of Apex wasting a great deal of electricity; and Martian Manhunter sky-jogging. Or, apparently, sky-JIGging. Manhunter getting jiggy with angry freedon rings in the sky. Top that, Grant Morrison.

This is the "new Martian Manhunter" of House of Mystery. Zany, anthropomorphic objects/forces emanated by the Idol Head of Diabolu; Zook, the pidgin-spouting space-monkey; and zero dignity for the godlike Martian Manhunter.

What haiku dare you compose to comment on the situation or to praise or condemn the evolution of the mighty Martian Manhunter...?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pep 23: Best. Musical. Ever.

Okay, whatever this is, it's clearly the best musical ever.

Broadway lights. Statue of Liberty replica on stage. Nazi stagehands lowering Nazi props... or are they trying to make a Nazisignal?

The Shield ballet-leaping in from the left (as always), while Hangman falls like Tosca. There's even a special solo by Dusty's Starched Cape.

It's like George M. Cohan meets Sound of Music meets the Defenestration Follies of 1940!

Forget all this nonsense with superhero movies. When's The Shield Musical start...?!