Monday, June 01, 2009

Pep 21: The Setting Sun

As the "Red Circle" series looms on the horizon of the present DCU, like a rising sun shedding its Golden (Age) light on another shiny day in the Platinum Age, that same sun is setting in the Pep-py past. As the Shield's day in the sun begins its close, the light yellow backgrounds that stream across his adventures fade to a darkening red, in the same way that America's post-war glory was gloomed by the spread of Communism.

On this cover, the Shield strangles a young Dr. Tommy Elliot, who was only trying to use his multiphasic crankshaft to pry off the out-of-control cinchbelt that's obviously crushing that poor, fainting woman. Poor, misunderstood Tommy; it's incidents like this that drive you to become a poorly defined MacGuffin in later life.

Meanwhile the ever-charming Hangman prepares to do something just off-panel to the woman's lower regions, armed with great handfuls of grey goop; hey, as long as she's already fainting, Hangman's thinking...!

In the background, Dusty dashes in uselessly: "Er, sorry, I'm late guys! But I met this really keen red-headed guy named Andrews at school, and he's talking about forming some kind of club for youngsters... ."


Redforce said...


That's how the Riverdale gang stays so young for 70 years. Dick Clark taught them the trick.

SallyP said...

I swear to God, that Dusty's cape is starched.

Dean said...

Hangman is making a mould, using rubber cement. Hangman rolls with a freaky scene, man.

Citizen Scribbler said...

These covers and their analysis have been highly entertaining, but I doubt the new Shield in the comic books will be half as amusing to me as I've found him here. But at least Scipio has pretty much guaranteed him a chance of my giving him a try. (I actually have an issue or two of the Impact Shield, and they aren't half bad.)

-Citizen Scribbler

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