Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haikuesday with Zook

Well, Showcase Volumes do not let themselves readily to be scanned, but see if you can make out this haiku entitled, "At Time Like This!"

"I fear Manhunter
not feeling well! Why he do
crazy jig in sky...?"

This one's got it all. Zook, the mysterious talking pet whom we'll discuss later; the Angry Freedom Rings of Doom (they are multicolored, by the way; it's a major plot point!); the people of Apex wasting a great deal of electricity; and Martian Manhunter sky-jogging. Or, apparently, sky-JIGging. Manhunter getting jiggy with angry freedon rings in the sky. Top that, Grant Morrison.

This is the "new Martian Manhunter" of House of Mystery. Zany, anthropomorphic objects/forces emanated by the Idol Head of Diabolu; Zook, the pidgin-spouting space-monkey; and zero dignity for the godlike Martian Manhunter.

What haiku dare you compose to comment on the situation or to praise or condemn the evolution of the mighty Martian Manhunter...?


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

At least Jo'nn was still getting the cover, the later issues went straight to Robby Reed. Middleton had a great many more empty shacks than Apex City. It seemed the Head of Diabolu spit out threats from Earth-Haney on a monthly basis.

rafi-el said...

Forget Bradbury
Schiff and Certa wrote the real
Martian Chronicles

wv: diblite -- watered down dib...

Michael Xavier said...

I can't say I'm a haiku poet, but I am extremely happy that you will be dealing with Zook. He's (It's?) one of those subjects that has "Absorbascon" written all of him (it?).

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