Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

Actually, my comics arrived late this week, because UPS was delayed by the racist octogenarian madman who shot and killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum.

So, the Thing That Made Me Happiest about my comics this week was they had on average less horrible happenings than my own city.

  • I have no idea what and who that is at the end of Action Comics, other than that, whatever it is, it's some good old-fashioned comic book fun.
  • Speaking of which.... THINKO!
  • One doesn't expect Alice Cooper to be quote in Super Friends.
  • What Barry used to do for charity.
  • So, it is now okay for me to think Tim Drake Wayne is really hot?
  • I thought I saw something in the background of Flash Rebirth 1; now I get it.
  • Ion's clever ploy.
  • The return of the Black Beetle.
  • Yes... Abra Kadabra is the one you would have to get rid of, first and foremost.
  • Batman lives. Always.
  • The delighfully ironic fate of Lyssa Drax.
  • Batman protects rappers, too.
  • The real Joker card hanging in the Batcave.
  • "No one from the Sciencells escapes the Alpha Lanterns."
  • Good to see Max again.
  • Wait, so, that means Guy Gardner watched Brokeback Mountain? Heh.
  • Mr. Freeze's motive.
  • Playing lightning bolts and bracelets.
  • Yes, opening a book can shatter worlds, I suppose.
  • Iris's umbrella. Really, she's so mean, I'd just assume the rain would be afraid to fall on her.
  • The "ultimate man cave". Heh.
  • The Professor. Who isn't the surprise really; but the what and the how will be.
  • Well, that's one way to bookmark a page.
  • The Blue Snowman, unnecessary backstory included!


SallyP said...

Naw, Guy didn't watch Brokeback Mountain, but Kyle did, and then told him all about it.

Poor Lyssa Drak. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be a bibliophile.

I loved the "That was for Charity" moment in Flash. Take THAT Superman!

All in all, there were some lovely moments.

allan said...

So I logged into Facebook today and I glanced over at the picture in the "You Might Know" box and saw a muscular gentleman taking a stage like a colossus. "He does look familiar," I muttered to myself as I looked down at the name below the small photo.

Since I doubt we have any friends in common, I have to assume my appreciation of Vibe was responsible for this moment.

Scipio said...


Vibe brings people together.

Diamondrock said...

Okay, you *must* tell me what you saw in the background of Rebirth #1. Stuff like that drives me crazy. If you won't tell me, at least give me some sort of hint. Otherwise I'll spend months poring over the issue until they cart me off to Arkham...

Scipio said...

I saw Barry.

TotalToyz said...

Octogenarian he may have been, but I think the term "racist madman" is redundant.

Diamondrock said...

I disagree, TotalToyz. It's certainly possible to be a madman who isn't a racist. Take the Joker, for instance. He'll murder you the same no matter what color your skin is...

And Scipio: not much of a hint. Time to begin scouring the issue...

TotalToyz said...

Diamond, while it's definitely possible to be a madman and not a racist, it's not possible to be a racist and not mad, or at least pretty damned deranged.

There was a tragedy in nearby Philadelphia earlier this week, too. A criminal fleeing police in a car jumped a curb and crashed into a crowd of people, killing a 22-year-old woman and three children under the age of ten.

Josh said...

My racist cousin is perfectly sane. Ya gotta distinguish between garden-variety racial prejudice that gets manifested chiefly in conversation and the kind of organized white supremacist mindset we saw this week.

TotalToyz said...

My racist cousin is perfectly sane.

I stand by my belief that, to actually believe that you are superior to another human being simply on the basis of the color of your skin, the country your grandparents came from, or other inalterable birth factors, you've got to have a cog loose somewhere. Racism is by definition insanity.

Scipio said...

Must you ALWAYS hijack my posts to have your own arguments that have nothing to do with the point of my post?

Honestly, gentlemen.

Rob S. said...

All right, I'll give -- where did you see Barry in the background of issue 1?

TotalToyz said...

You're right, Scip, and I apologize.

TotalToyz said...

Speaking of the comics of the week, Blue Snowman was in an issue of Super Friends where a lot of cold-themed criminals get together? Didn't they do that already in Justice League Adventures?

I'd like to see a Christmas issue where Heat Wave, Firefly, Human Flame, Sun Emperor, Beauty Blaze, Incinderella, and Heatstroke hijack the holiday season by driving out the snow and holding the winter weather for ransom.

Omar Karindu said...

Both the Super Friends story and the Justice League adventures tale are tributes to the first Steve Englehart JLA story in which Captain Cold, Minister Blizzard, and the Icicle team up.