Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy...

... in my comics this week.

  • Mina's freedom.
  • I never thought Jonah Hex would make me start singing, "It's Raining Men".
  • You know, a "circus gang" isn't the single most original idea ever.
  • Hey, isn't that the cover to " "The Dark Plane Returns"?
  • Always meet in a fireworks warehouse.
  • I'll take Minhattin.
  • That's... that's a cutaway diagram of the Batcave. I am speechless; and thankful. Curse you!!!!
  • White man. With white hair. Wearing all white. In a coal mine.
  • Prof. Milo. So gratifying.
  • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
  • Toyman needs to read more Silver Age comics, LOL!
  • Flaming nipples... as an idiom.
  • Wow. Green Lanterns doing, like, research. Refreshing.
  • Huh. Torturing nuns? Never thought of that; need to keep that one in mind.
  • Bane's real name.
  • Oh, where's Korgi when you need it...?
  • Doesn't crystal-pierced Kryptonians look and sound like a refreshing summertime dessert?
  • Well, that was a short-lived piece of good news.
  • Okay, if this the return of Dr. Domino, I will take back everything I ever said about this writer; every single thing.
  • The revenance of Jonan Hex.
  • "You don't need your gall bladder, do you? Because I could really use the space."
  • Great Rao, Kal has GUTS! Still, defying Zod is nothing compared to defying Perry White, Masterman.
  • Oh, don't lie. You have so worn leather pants before.
  • Ah ha! Churchill was a fan of El Papagayo!
  • The 'Motivation Bunker'? Ouch. Well put.
  • "I don't think I can take this anymore." Hey, Hal subscribes to JLA!
  • Thanks, William Sturges, for obeying the Prime Directive of Horror Movies.
  • "Not even that time we dug up that feller with six gold teeth."
  • The reality everyone knows in the heart but denies in conversation. You scare me, Gail.
  • OMG. Jonah, Lazarus, Bat, and Tallulah? Oh yeah, the Wild Justice League rides!
  • I know European circus slang when I hear it, too!
  • Condiment King. Really, what more do you want?
  • If you said, "Mr. Polka Dot", you win.


Citizen Scribbler said...

Heh. Haven't seen Condiment King since Ted Kord made sure he "got milk" at the food court.

If Dr. Domino does return, Scipio, I think he'll have you to thank. I'm sure it's no coincidence that certain industry trends are beginning to reflect your preferences. If I was an untalented comic book writer, and even if I was a good one, I'd be ripping off lots of great ideas from this site. And Chris Sims too, probably, for when I need something like nunchucks made out of Batman.

-Citizen Scribbler

SallyP said... much to be thankful for this week. SO much.

I have to admit that I lost it when I saw the Condiment King. AND the flaming nipples. And to think...there are people who were talking about dropping this book!

Jonah Hex was a great start, and Secret Six just makes me quiver with delight.

steve mitchell said...

How do I keep missing these things? Where was Mister Polka-Dot?

I actually have a Mister Polka-Dot HeroClix conversion that Dr. Totaltoyz made for him. I ran him in a 12,000-point DC heroes vs. DC villains battle early last year, but Rip Hunter slaughtered him.

Scipio said...

Mr. Polka Dot was in Run #2 this week. And on BB&B last week.

TotalToyz said...

And I have SO been waiting for your review of that BB&B episode, Scipio!! It had so much! Ace the Bat-Hound! Bat-Mite! Calendar Man! Mr. Zero (yes, Mr. Zero)! An homage to the cover of Detective Comics #140! An homage to "Duck Twacy"! A response to all the under-30 fanboys who can't remember a pre-Miller Batman! Excellent dialogue ("Green Arrow is going to love this.")!

Paul said...

Okay, if this the return of Dr. Domino, I will take back everything I ever said about this writer; every single thing."

This could be in the cards, Morrison has had a lot of object-headed weirdos in his work; see "Doom Patrol"...

farsider said...

Someone should start a blog, the sole purpose of which would be to explain Scipio's "Things That Made Me my comics this week."

I would be the first follower.

Diamondrock said...

Dr. Domino was my immediate thought as well. Here's hoping...

TTTWLAM said...

I somehow missed Toyman's (Schott, I presume?) appearance. If someone could point me in the right direction....

Scipio said...

Ah, that Toyman comment is MY mistake. I accidentally started reading Batman:Brave & Bold #2 again without realizing it...

Spectrum Bear said...

Really, I wasn't even going to read Run. Just how much miling of Final Crisis do I need, particularly when I didn't even like Final Crisis?

Libra, after much build-up and many hints, was a waste of panel space in FC, adding almost nothing necessary to the story. (What did Darkseid even need him for? I forget.) And they failed to add any interesting details to his backstory. (Why couldn't the Spectre bring him down? I forget.)

As for his sidekick the Human Flame, as much as I enjoyed the wonderful coverage given here in this blog to his original appearance, his reintroduction into the current DCU did nothing for me.

But: the Brown Recluse? "Small, but venomous"? I am in love with my favorite new character! Miniseries *now*!

Martin Gray said...

Now, where might Dr Domino be? Oh hang on, yeah, the tiles in Batman and Robin? Loved that book - and not just circus slang, Polari!

Now, who had the leather keks?

TheStrawMan said...

European circus slang my dish, the frog was speaking Polari

Martin Gray said...

I thought so too!


Citizen Scribbler said...

Excuse me- Are you gentlemen referring to the gay man's slang known as "palare"? Or is there some other slang known as "polari"?

-Citizen Scribbler

Dougie said...

As far as I know, Palare and Polari have the same roots in fairgrounds and circuses. I first came across it in Dr. Who, of all places, in "Carnival of Monsters". Next, in the BBC radio comedy, "Round the Horne" and of course, Morrisey released the single "Piccadilly Palare" in the early 90s. Local kids in my area use the Polari/Palare expression "cats" for trousers, as in "Yir cats are deid" (Your trousers are too short).

Citizen Scribbler said...

Thanks for the further info, Dougie. Carnival Of Monsters is one of the few old-school Dr. Who stories which I'm NOT familiar with, although I know it's Pertwee era tale.

However, it was the Morrisey song and his Bona Drag (palare for "nice clothes") singles collection that did appraise me of the term in the first place. Helluva song, that.

-Citizen Scribbler

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