Saturday, January 19, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

  • Robin fighting on a giant bowling ball.
  • Learning that Batman actually trained Robin to fight on a giant bowling ball.
  • I think Jason Todd may have finally found where he belongs.
  • "I'm Donna Troy, bitch." For whatever criticisms you might have about Countdown, it did the impossible: taught me to love Donna Troy.
  • Just as it did during Amazons Attack, Catwoman gives us the best story from an outside crossover (Salvation Run). I pooh-poohed Salvation Run when I first heard of it, but I picked up issue 3 and really liked it. And the characteristization of the two group's leaders (Luthor the Mad Scientist versus Joker the Shrewd Opportunist) was spot-on.
  • "Blockbuster". Now THAT makes a lot of sense, and that's the kind of thing that character should be doing all the time.
  • Good to see Blue & Gold together again.
  • Lex Luthor making an energy detector out of cell phone in the time it takes two people to have a fight. I've missed that Lex Luthor.
  • So... is Barbara Gordon re-making Misfit into Batgirl, in her own image? Interesting... .
  • Oh my god. A woman with brown eyes. In a comic book!
  • The Return of Killer Shark, and he wants Zinda back. Zowie! Didn't see that one coming!
  • Speaking of Killer Shark.... Best. Ship. Ever.
  • I found myself wondering how Validus can "sniff" anything without a nose for a full minute before remembering that he also sees without having any eyes.
  • I thankful to be reminded and confirmed by the Countdown Special reprinting Kirby's New God stories, that, yes, I really do hate all that stuff. A lot. Still.
  • Tattooed Man's octopus. Sweet, sweet octopus.
  • Best Abbey Road reference I've ever seen (at least, in a comic book).
  • Hey, Doctor Polaris is back!
  • This "NonDead Ted" thing is going to be the most horribly tragic Best Intentions Gone Wrong story in collective comic book memory.
  • Wonder Woman seeing nothing intrinsically wrong with Salvation Run. But, of course; her people created Reformation Island.
  • A most unusual request for sanctuary!
  • Good lord; Vixen, Roy, and Hal... all using their brains!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Must... reach ... keyboard!

I have been very sick. I am trying to recover from pneumonia. Please forgive my absence and enjoy the archives until I can return to health and posting.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Sayings of Robin the Boy Wonder

From the Showcase Presents: Robin the Boy Wonder

"I'm not studying astro-mechanics for nothing!"
You'd be surprised how often three-body problems come up in crimefighting.

"Just call me Wary Harry!"
Really; isn't "Dick" bad enough?

"If Dick Grayson's face breaks out at the same time as Robin's, my secret identity is blown!"
From the story where Robin invents Clearasil Ultra Tinted Acne Treatment in chem lab.

"I think worrying about acne is what Bats would call alter-ego-ism."
Or, as regular people call it, vanity.

"Sorry, no happiness deliveries today!"
Okay, now we know how he put himself through college.

"In Gotham High, we're all friends!"
Good lord, Robin goes to DeGrassi.

"I recognize their leader-- Tommy the Tramp!"
Well, when you're all friends, word gets around fast.

"Pretty neat idea of mine, disguising a collapsible costume as a tie."
Robin versus Tim Gunn.

"URTCH'H! My--cape! Hooked-on-window!"
Shoulda listened to Edna Mode, dearie.

"We could use a small, high-powered rocketship in our work, couldn't we, Jimmy?"
Okay, fine; maybe astro-mechanics does come in handy.

"Don't like the idea of tackling a 70 year old man, but I've got to!"
Robin versus Tim Gunn, Round 2.

"Well, by golly, if the world can take a man like 'Babe' Ruth -- the greatest slugger baseball has ever known-- then I suppose the world can also stand a guy proud to call himself...Robin!"
I'd worry less about the name 'Robin', than your tendency to say things like 'by golly'.

"I go for Davy's togetherness!"
It comes with Happiness delivery (along with bread sticks).

"How can I resist-- I've always wondered what computer fans did at a meeting!"
Sarcasm ill-behooves you, Dick.

"With the world the shape it's in, maybe the Jesus people are right."
This is from the story where Robin discovers Two-Face is behind Young Life.

"Almost as if the Lunar Model had a mind of its own!"
I think someone's been studying too much astro-mechanics.