Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • A clever use for Superman Prime! And it just might turn the tide of battle... .
  • Bolshevik mutants.
  • Happy Terrill, back in action!
  • I don't think Blue Beetle is Teen Titans material, either; he's better than that.
  • It's always fun to see Scarface get riddled with bullets.
  • Fruit Boy. God bless you, Jim Shooter. I expect to see Fruit Boy meet Blockade Boy any day now.
  • Wonder Woman, and gorillas, fighting Nazis. Is there nothing Gail Simone cannot do?
  • Eclipso -- the real one -- returns and demonstrates diffraction.
  • See? Megan, like all Martians, is insane.
  • The Joker's teddy bear.
  • Donna Troy and the Myrmidons. Which, in case you don't already get it, it is not half bad Classical literature joke.
  • Good lord; Neon the Unknown!
  • Zork, zizz, cruk, and zeezee. Particularly zeezee, which makes so much sense it hurts.
  • "Chum". Nice touch!
  • Hey, Garth, "please put your hand down." Absolutely priceless.
  • I'm glad Cassie broke up with Tim. I don't think they're a good pair.
  • "Vitamin K".
  • Saturn Girl can animate unconscious bodies? Cool. Creepy.
  • Aquaman reads Superman & Batman the riot act.
  • I dislike Ravager more and more each time I see her. When is her comeuppance due?
  • Blue Beetle's crazy/ingenious plan, that leaves him naked and powerless in the hands of his enemies.
  • "I am pierced but remain unbowed." Hippolyta rocks. Please don't kill her. Again.
  • The fortitude of Black Condor. He is so hot.
  • The Spectre got pummelled; BWA-HA-HA!


Anonymous said...

Was Teen Titans good? I dropped it after the last arc.

My favorite moment: "Kipling. Not my favorite."

Anonymous said...

Neon the Unknown is back?!? Heavens to hilarity, can Magno and the Invisible Hood be far behind?

Zaratustra said...

Ravager used to be a bitch, but at least she'd let you see her naked. Now she just calls people names.

Anonymous said...

The exact thing I though when I first saw Fruit Boy:

"Scipio is going to be entertained."

And behold, it has come to pass.

Still though, Sonar was better because the phrase "Is there a pool nearbye?" Reminds me so much of the Superfriends Aquaman.

Billy said...


The Invisible Hood was back, and was killed in the first Uncle Sam miniseries.

Derek said...

At first, I wanted Blue Beetle to be in the Titans, but I think I just wanted to see more of him. It's pretty clear that Jamie is far too stable, competent, and heroic to be on that team.

He should only be called in to bail them out of some emergency.

... like he has every time he's encountered the Titans. Huh.

Oh, I just realized. An issue of Blue Beetle came out, but you didn't fawn over Paco in this week's Things That Made Me Happy... Is the bloom off the rose or did Black Condor steal the spotlight?

Anonymous said...

Billy, thanks. I thought he had been killed by the Mist and the Icicle in 1972, per James Robinson's Starman. Maybe this was a new Invisible Hood. Oh well, still hope for Magno. And the Red Torpedo, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Blue Beetle was so good that even the joys of Wonder Woman paled in comparison.

And yes. He is too good to be on the current bitchy incarnation of the Titans.

Also, "sweater nebulas" is now my new favourite phrase to describe my boobs.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the Superman-Prime vs Monarch battle... I hope a stray heat beam kills that punk Kyle Rayner.

And Scipio, why do you hate Hal Jordan, by the way?

Anonymous said...

What the hell happend to Dr. Sivanas face on Salvation Run?

Billy said...


yeah, it's actually his son. But now he's dead too.

Bryan-Mitchell said...

This week's Blue Beetle was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I thought the latest Teen Titans were formed to help train the newest batch of superheroes. Now suddenly Blue Beetle isn't "ready" to be a Titan?

Also, the entirety of the Marvel pantheon of writers could learn a thing or 8 from Jim Shooter about how to properly pace for a trade.

Anonymous said...

I thought the latest Teen Titans were formed to help train the newest batch of superheroes.

I thought that was the new JSA's job?

SallyP said...

Blue Beetle just makes me sigh with pure delight. And yes, he's FAR too good to be hanging out with the Teen Titans. I only started reading the latter because Jaime was showing up, but really, what an unpleasant bunch of little brats! Except Tim. I do still like Tim.

Gail Simone is a Goddess. Wonder Woman, talking Gorillas and Nazis. The only thing missing is dinosaurs. And they had better NOT kill off Hippolyta!

And yes, "Chum!" was a lovely touch. Gee Countdown was actually...interesting!

Anonymous said...

And they had better NOT kill off Hippolyta!
Considering the events in WW are apparently happening after the events of Countdown and Green Arrow/Black Canary, I'm guessing she'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's a question to ponder. If Fruit Boy had been a Silver-Age Jim Shooter creation from the glory days of the Legion, what would his new name have been in the early 90s (when Lightning Lad became Live Wire, Phantom Girl became Apparition, etc)? Either choose from the following or write in your own.
1) Kiwi
2) Ascorbic
3) Citrus
4) Pomegranate
5) Plantain

Scipio said...


Just click on the keyword "Hal Jordan", and my blog will explain it all... .

Jeremy Rizza said...

Fruit Boy? Yeah, I know 'im. He's fresh, juicy, and covered in peachfuzz. But mainly... he's a little tart.

Anonymous said...

That joke was a lemon, B-Boy. Or is that just sour grapes?

Anonymous said...

It makes you happy that you dislike Ravager more every time you see her? I suppose that must be the reason you keep reading the comics she's in.