Saturday, January 19, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

  • Robin fighting on a giant bowling ball.
  • Learning that Batman actually trained Robin to fight on a giant bowling ball.
  • I think Jason Todd may have finally found where he belongs.
  • "I'm Donna Troy, bitch." For whatever criticisms you might have about Countdown, it did the impossible: taught me to love Donna Troy.
  • Just as it did during Amazons Attack, Catwoman gives us the best story from an outside crossover (Salvation Run). I pooh-poohed Salvation Run when I first heard of it, but I picked up issue 3 and really liked it. And the characteristization of the two group's leaders (Luthor the Mad Scientist versus Joker the Shrewd Opportunist) was spot-on.
  • "Blockbuster". Now THAT makes a lot of sense, and that's the kind of thing that character should be doing all the time.
  • Good to see Blue & Gold together again.
  • Lex Luthor making an energy detector out of cell phone in the time it takes two people to have a fight. I've missed that Lex Luthor.
  • So... is Barbara Gordon re-making Misfit into Batgirl, in her own image? Interesting... .
  • Oh my god. A woman with brown eyes. In a comic book!
  • The Return of Killer Shark, and he wants Zinda back. Zowie! Didn't see that one coming!
  • Speaking of Killer Shark.... Best. Ship. Ever.
  • I found myself wondering how Validus can "sniff" anything without a nose for a full minute before remembering that he also sees without having any eyes.
  • I thankful to be reminded and confirmed by the Countdown Special reprinting Kirby's New God stories, that, yes, I really do hate all that stuff. A lot. Still.
  • Tattooed Man's octopus. Sweet, sweet octopus.
  • Best Abbey Road reference I've ever seen (at least, in a comic book).
  • Hey, Doctor Polaris is back!
  • This "NonDead Ted" thing is going to be the most horribly tragic Best Intentions Gone Wrong story in collective comic book memory.
  • Wonder Woman seeing nothing intrinsically wrong with Salvation Run. But, of course; her people created Reformation Island.
  • A most unusual request for sanctuary!
  • Good lord; Vixen, Roy, and Hal... all using their brains!


Mr. Fob said...

When I read that Donna Troy line I thought, "That's going to be on Scipio's list this week." It really was a beautiful line.

Patrick C said...

Yeah, Donna Troy was awesome this week. Definitely a hight point. I also agree about the Blue & Gold thing.

Other than that, I have to really disagree with you about the New Gods. I agree with almost everything you post, so I don't get how that one point is so different. I love Mister Miracle, I love Darkseid, I love the whole concept. Metron is actually one of my favorite DC Characters of all, New God or otherwise.

SallyP said...

You know, for what was a relatively light week (for me anyway) there was a LOT to love!

Blue & Gold back together again! Oh yeah! I'm filled with delight and terror at the same time.

Zinda has been getting a lot of attention lately, and I love it.

Manhunter showed up! Not for very long, but still...there she was, beating people up.

Vixen, Roy and Hal using their brains? That's a first.

Gustavo said...

Donna's line... it felt a little out of character, but it was really fun. I guess that after this she will be, finally, one of those super heroes without a code name. Not too fond of those. "Guy Gardner: Warrior" was the worst comic book title ever.

I smiled when I saw the octopus. Sweet, sweet...

David page said...

what David loved this week

booster gold saving ted!

vive la france!

Superfanboy prime continues to own a piece of my heart.

As mentioned in the get well scipo comments Ray and Jean will be reincarnated as Val armorr and una mark my words!

Monarch picking out drapes!

The return of the key!

and sidestepping out of dc for a second...The ending of angel: after the fall!

Laurie said...

Aww, David. I don't know why, but Superfanboy Prime owns a wee piece of my heart too.

I went to the comic shop, and my retailer had the book open at the Abbey Road reference and was gleefully showing it to everyone. Pure comicbook joy.

totaltoyz said...

I always loved elliot S. Maggin's Luthor, too. (See The Joker #7.)

With no nose, how does Validus smell? TERRIBLE! ba-dum CHING!

Doctor Polaris said...


That is NOT Doctor Polaris! That is an imposter, attempting to steal my place.

Do not allow yourself to be deluded, my friends! I am the one true Polaris!

Anonymous said...

Where's the Abbey Road reference?

SallyP said...

Read Booster Gold #6 for the sweetest Abbey Road homage, you'll ever see.

And hey, Gustavo! I LIKED Guy Gardner: Warrior! Granted, the art was pretty horrendous, but a lot of it was a hoot and a half.

Gustavo said...

Sally, bear in mind I'm not against the comic itself ( even though it was really bad at large chunks of the time ), but at the title. I don't like superhero comics or superheroes with "people" names.

Of course, after being Wonder Girl, and Troia and Darkstar and blah, Donna is victim of an identity crisis of sorts.

It seems for a very long time, "Green Lantern" was just Hal, and everyone else was Guy, John or whatever. And even after becoming Warrior, Guy was still Guy.

K26dp said...

The Salvation Run/Checkmate/Suicide Squad arc has been my favorite part of Countdown.

Rob S. said...

So, looking at the Addey Road reference: Does that mean Dan Garret's going to die again?

Scipio said...

Donna Troy: Bitch

I'd buy that book.

Bill Reed said...

Hate the Fourth World? Jesus, those Kirby comics is basically a distillation of everything I love about the medium.

Gustavo said...

If DC ever decides to release it, I'd make an exception and buy the masterfully titled Donna Troy: Bitch

Jack Norris said...

Well, if they want to keep her in the "Wonder" family, and, as was recently mentioned (can't remember in exactly which book) "Wonder Woman" and Wonder Girl" are both taken, maybe she could go by Wonder Bi-
No, I'm not going to say it.
(Don't you just hate it when people say something like "now a really bad joke I could tell about this would be..." and then go on to basically tell it, and expect that that makes them free of blame? Me too, though it's fun to do sometimes.)