Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • "Well, it's a perfect mess, now." Monarch has a sense of humor!
  • Brains versus brawn.
  • "You gonna give him a kiss oR just go through his pockets?" Oh, Joker, you irreverent wag!
  • Nice silent Sinestro cameo.
  • The future JLA is composed of Legion rejects? So funny, on so many levels. And sad.
  • More dead New Gods! YAY! If they made Fatheads of the dead New Gods, I think I'd buy them.
  • Brainiac 5, still wearing that horrid magenta jumper with yellow boots; thank goodness!
  • Hal's birds. Who says Hal's not witty? Oh, wait; I do.
  • I just LOVE the Source's new outfit. Very populux.
  • Ah, the Guardians never learn, do they? The Alpha Lanterns do NOT inspire confidence!
  • Is Brainiac 5 also a descendent of Fonzie?
  • I'm glad Batman doesn't seem to know what's going on in his own book, because neither do I.
  • You have to love that one of the steps of Brainy's latest plan is, "Become dictator of my home planet."
  • I'm enjoying the UP versus Earth xenophobia storyline in Action, because it reminds me of the White Triangle storyline from the first Waid Legion.
  • You did notice those Black Hand symbols in the Guardian's eyes, didn't you? That would be a bad sign... .
  • Tusker? Storm-Boy? Golden boy? Eyeful frickin' Ethel? Did DC hire Blockade Boy as a ghost-writer?
  • As I always suspected, the New Gods are just the mushrooms that grew up on the corpses of the REAL gods.
  • Oh, my god. Earth-Man is, essentially, the Composite Superman. Fabulous.
  • I got the Batman & The Outsiders Showcase. If you think I hated Halo and Geo-Force before, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  • C'mon; give Crane the ring! At least for a week or two!
  • Whoa; crabby Scott Free is even worse than crabby Aquaman.
  • Yera Allon; yay!
  • NO. Not "swear us the chosen"; regardless of sequence, the case of the subject remain nominative. it needs to be "swear we the chosen". Now.
  • There seems to be an epidemic of "King Lear poses" among villains. Darkseid, sit up or just buy a recliner!


Anonymous said...

"Hal's birds. Who says Hal's not witty? Oh, wait; I do."

Are you sure about that? When Hal said something about "No escaping Oz for you", did he mean the Frank Baum story or the HBO series about brutal prison life?

Scipio, I think Hal may have outsmarted you just this one time.

Slaughter said...

Hal kicks ass, speacilly that little punk's Kyle Rayner's ass. He's somekind of a DC's Peter Parker, so let's send Kyle Rayner to Marvel, please?

The Alpha-Lanterns arc is AWESOME. The best part was that silent Sinestro Cameo, with that confident pose and that "I Won in the end!" face of his.

And why do you hate the New Gods so much? They are MUCH BETTER than those punks from Marvel's Asgard. The New Gods are awesome, if I was a cavemen and some guy told me about 'em, I would worship those great gods immediatly.

Patrick C said...

I'm not sold on the weird Alpha Lantern Cyborgs. I really liked Green Man, and it seems that all the Alpha Lanterns were basically killed and reborn into different characters. Have to see where they go with it. Glad John Stewart told them to F off.

And cool it with the Kyle Rayner hate. He's really the greatest of the lanterns. Dream said so.

Gustavo said...

Even though it was "spoiled" for me here before I reasd the issue, Yera Allon made my day too.

I have mixed feelings about this whole storyline, but this ish did make me smile ("it's called playing dumb" indeed! ). And it seems we are going to finally see a payoff to the Lightning saga mess.

And this is ending just as Final Crisis starts, go figure...

Patrick C said...

I'm kind of hoping that it's Bart in the lightning rod, not Barry. I don't have the issues near me, but wouldn't the timing be close? Impulse dying just as the lightning strikes, "capturing" his soul? Or is that just wishful thinking?

Scionara said...

You buy five hundred page comic collections that feature characters you already hate so you can hate them some more?

Between this and playing with your little toy figures I begin to feel that you have too much time on your hands.

Scipio said...


The blog alone doesn't tell you that...?

SallyP said...

While there were indeed quite a number of lovely moments this week, you missed the best one.

Chocolate Egg Cream!

David page said...

what David loved this week

Yes chocolate egg cream indeed!

Bug eyed faust looking more and more like landos co-pilot from return of the jedi each issue of black adam

KABOOOOM! adios earth 51!

i'll kill you! i'll kill you to death!

just reading countdown 13 while listening to this! from 4:43 onwards!

adam strange taking your family to face evil alien doctors is not a good idea....

guardians: You screwed up with manhunters before and now you are making gl/manhunter hybrids thats not going to end well....

totaltoyz said...

guardians: You screwed up with manhunters before and now you are making gl/manhunter hybrids thats not going to end well....

I see a syllogism a-borning here.

Guardians are incapable of learning from their own mistakes. (See above quote from David Page.)

Marvel Comics is incapable of learning from its own mistakes. (Spider-Clone, then Brand New Day; each wiped out 20 years of continuity and at least 20% of the readers)

Therefore: Joe Quesada is a Guardian.


The Estate of Tim O'Neil said...

FWI, that pose Darkseid strikes at the end of The Death of the New Gods is a direct swipe from the splash of Silver Surfer #4, by John Buscema.

The Thing said...

Did you happen to catch JSA Classified?

It featured a new Time Commander, who was apparently the boyfriend of the original.

I always thought TC was underused, and I hope the one of them makes a return.

Luke said...

I hate to say it, but Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders made me really, really like Geo-Force. Halo is alright, but now I am a GF-mark.