Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NEW Big Monkey Podcast Availlable!

Please listen to us discuss:

The Legion of Super Heroes!

Something called, I believe, "the X-Men"!

And the Glory That is Heroclix!

P.S. You really do NOT want to miss Devon as the Voice of Orion. Really.


Brian said...

Tech Guy Brian here. Devon's rendition of Orion, in my humble opinion, is perhaps the single greatest thing that has ever been published on the internet. I have extracted it from the larger podcast and played it for myself no fewer than thirty, perhaps forty times. If any of you, after hearing it, recover your senses enough to send me an e-mail, I will respond with the file.

argh.sims said...

I enjoyed the podcast a lot more than I did JLA 10. OK, let me rephrase that...

I really enjoyed the podcast!

Hey tech Guy Brian, the link to the first podcast isn't working anymore. I missed it initially, and when I try downloading it today, it says :

"The specified item cannot be found or its XML is unparseable...
Feel free to report this so that we can fix the problem."

So I did.

Derek said...

So what's the Forbidden Heroclix Story?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Another great podcast, you guys. I wish the guys at my LCS were as casual and hilarious as you all seem to be.

Heck, maybe they are. I always bail as soon as I buy my comics. I feel like I'm loitering if I stay and try to start up a conversation.

Oh, and I agree with Devon. Catwoman has been consistently great for more than a year now. If there were any justice in the world, it would be one of DC's top-sellers.

Scipio said...


Big Mike (of the blog Are you feeling Big Mike?) was over here at my house playing me in Heroclix. It was only his third or so time playing the game.

He had a team of low point secondary attackers. My team was Despero, Amazo, and T.O. Morrow. I was the overconfident villain, come to destroy all the little heroes.

In short, he outwitted Amazo's defense, perplexed Rookie Wildcat's damage to 5, who used Flurry to do Amazo 10 CLICKS OF DAMAGE. In one attack, Big Mike used Rookie Wildcat to take Amazo from his first click to his last.

We call Mike 'the Mozart of Heroclix'.

Brian said...


Not sure what's going on with your podcast-problem. I checked it from here, and it works out fine for me. Remember, old episodes can ALWAYS be downloaded via the Big Monkey Podcast Blog at http://bigmonkeypodcast.wordpress.com

Hope this helps,


Luke said...

Well, since I still cannot play MPEG-4 at work, I still can't listen to this, which sucks. But I look forward to checking it out later.

Nate said...

Well done once again. Kinda the Sports Junkies but around stuff I actually care about.

But no discussion of Black Manta this week? He just got his face friggin bit off by a humanoid shark. That's so friggin awesome!

Paul McCall said...

I listened to the first two and I'm listening to the third as I type this. Sounds good. I like your comments and varied viewpoints. The dramatic readings - eh, I could live without them. On a technical side you could look into balancing the sound level on each speaker. Either strap their microphones to them so they can't turn away from them or do some kind of equalizer thing afterward. Thanks for keeping the language clean, I can tell it's an effort at times.

argh.sims said...

While I can generally take or leave dramatic readings from comics, Devon's scream at the end of his Orion bit is terrific, in both the "unusually fine" and "terror-ific" senses.

And thanks, folks. Whatever was giving me problems last night seems to have been resolved.

Siskoid said...

Like others, my work computer wouldn't play the podcasts, which is where I always wanted to listen to them. Wasn't sure it would work at home, but tried last night and it did!

Lots of fun, and I look forward to going back in time for the first two!

Diamondrock said...

"The Legion of Super-Heroes are us."

Loved that, because I said the same thing on my blog something like a year and a half ago. They're comic geeks with super-powers!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Paul. I can do without the dramatic readings too. Otherwise, great stuff, right down to the Superfriends transitions.