Monday, August 07, 2006

Majorette Brenda Keeps Time


Wonder Woman is a great Heroclix figure, but if you want to build a team centered around her, you'll need some of her friends. Friends like...
If ya wanna be really close to Wonder Woman, ya gotta love the marching. So Majorette Brenda is one of her great pals and a fun addition to a Wonder Woman theme team. You can utilize her as is, or use the Special Majorette Brenda Rules:

  1. During initial figure placement, all your team's members must be adjacent in the back row and Majorette Brenda has to be in front of them in the middle.
  2. Ranged attacks can only be made against Majorette Brenda by using Energy Explosion.
  3. As a free action, Majorette Brenda can grant Willpower to any adjacent female teammate.

To maximize enjoyment of the Majorette Brenda pog, always have symphonic band music playing in the background, preferably in 2/2 time, and wear epaulettes during gameplay.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, ooo, can I twirl one of those baton thingies?

naladahc said...

So, what would the stats be on my new Python of Scipio pog?

Anonymous said...

LOL! That's freakin' brilliant.

That's one big python I must say.

Anonymous said...

Still don't know Heroclix rules quite so well, so I hope I'm phrasing this right.

Vibe and Obsidian must either immediately attack each other any time either character has Python of Scipio in play.

Krypto, Ace and all dog characters can be given healing when Python of Scipio is in play.

Any male character of the pink persuasion is, uh, given a helping hand with hit points when Python of Scipio is in play.

Anonymous said...

My Mom's name is Brenda and she was a majorette. She taught me the importance of keeping Wonder Woman properly motivated at an early age.

Scipio said...


I was quite terrified of your post; fortunately, that isn't the photo I was expecting... .

naladahc said...

I couldn't fit "Bulging" or "Throbbing" on the pog.

Then again, that probably wouldn't have helped either.

naladahc said...

However, when you posted that pic the other day this pog immediately came to mind for some reason.