Saturday, August 05, 2006


For those of you who weren't at the Big Monkey Member Party on July 20, here are some pictures of the Dramatic Reading Contest.

At the beginning of the party the 12 contestants were each given the panels and text of a dramatic comic book passage of my choosing (heh heh). During the contest, they were called one by one to perform their passage before the awestruck audience, as the appropriate panels were projected onto the screen behind them.

Here, a professional DJ threatens all of Rann with annihilation and Michael Bolton records.

The Insidious Dr. Mah, evil Antarctican echidnodermatologist, exulting after his prize-winning interpretation of the Penguin's famous "bowling pin soliloquy" from
The Penguin Takes A Flyer Into the Future.

Our friend Anthony Fortunato, takes time out from his movie career to portray Darkseid from
Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Even television's Wayne Brady stopped by to improv a little song about Aquaman!

Oh, no, wait... that's Devon.


Anonymous said...

I know Andrew Carl. I've talked to him. Joked with him. Watched him squirm in Sherin's presence. THAT man is no Andrew Carl.

Anonymous said...

Scip, congratulations on the crazy f***ing burn on Devon; that was just awesome.