Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heroclix Pogs: Thought Robots

Most of the pogs we've made or considered making are character-specific; that is, they make sense only as part of a very particular team. I mean, you wouldn't expect to find Dale Gunn hanging out with a team of Amazons, would you? Heh.

But today's offering will work on many villainous teams; why, it's practically the "soy" of evil mastermind teams! I refer, of course, to:


The blank eyes. The slack jaws. The hawk noses. The severe cheekbones. The dull browness of their matching suits.

Thought Robots. Brrr!

Really nice hair, though.

The Special Thought Robots Rules

  1. Thought Robots' moves do not count toward your alloted actions per turn.
  2. Thought Robots must start adjacent to a villain on your team, who is designated as their "Master" figure.
  3. Thought Robots have Willpower as long as their "Master" remains in play.

Note that I made five of them; you really just don't have one or two Thought Robots. You need a minimum of three ... otherwise, it's hard to get them insurance coverage.

The "Willpower" comes from their "Master", of course. When he or she is out of play, the Thought Robots can still attack, but they tend to slack off. Good Thought Robots are hard to find.

To enjoy Thought Robots to the fullest, play the whining drone of Complaint Rock in the background.


Anonymous said...

Great, now I have to create a macro for my Mastermind on City of Villians that has him order, "Thought Robots! Seize him!" as his henchmen are ordered to attack.

Brandon Bragg said...

I'm gonna have to print those suckers off.

Just curious, did that Starman villain have a name besides "hooded figure?"

Miles said...

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eu4 console commands said...

The answer to Prob is not in the PAC (Powers and Abilities Card) it is in the Rule Book. The reason why you can Charge and Prob is because the Charge ends right before the attack (Move, Then) while with HSS it does not end with the attack (Move-Attack-Move) (Remember, even if you HSS next to the target and stay next to the target you were considered to move 0 squares away from the target but it is still a move). You cannot interrupt your action hence you cannot Prob during HSS or with an ability like this.