Thursday, June 29, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in this week's comics.
  • Batman & Robin fighting gorillas.
  • Phantom Lady's first name.
  • J'onn's little conversation with ... "himself".
  • Clark's typewriter.
  • The Creeper kicking butt.
  • Dr. Virus and Kryptococcus the Omni-Germ.
  • Luthor's manipulation of underage girls.
  • Tim's hug and the reason for it.
  • My being right about Steel.
  • The New Odd Couple: Crispus Allen and the Spectre.
  • The return of the Great White.
  • Two-Face; back and better than ever.
  • The growing grooviness of Film Freak.
  • The president's dog.
  • The Fortress of Solitude versus a soft pretzel.
  • Vibe, once again glorious in action yet still ineffective.


Anonymous said...

Wait, there's a NEW Film Freak?

Wasn't the old one killed off during Knightfall?

Scipio said...

I would say this is the Film Freak of New Earth. And he's fantastic.

I love villains who continue to talk to you even after they've killed you...

Scipio said...

Film Freak has been an ongoing character in "Catwoman".

Anonymous said...

Vibe is back? Holy moly!

Okay, now bring back Stephanie Brown and you and I can be reconciled, DC.

Anonymous said...

Film Freak? Statutory Luthor? Vibe?

Dammit, I'm trying to save my money for moving...

Steven said...

Coma Boy, the sensational character find of 2006!

Erik said...

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