Friday, June 30, 2006

JLDetroit: A Sure Bet for Entertainment!

It's been like Old Home Week here at the Absorbascon thanks to the "A Game of Chance" storyline running in JLA Classified, starring the remarkable...

Justice League of Detroit!

Despite repeated photo sessions, this is the best their PR guy could come up. Nice pillow, J'onn.


Aquaman, doing what he does best.

Perpetual piscatorial understudy Walter the Walleye finally got his big break in show biz...when Peter the Pufferfish was unavailable for this story.

Sue Dibny, doing what she does best.

Specifically, flirting with superheroes while her husband's not around.Don't lie to yourself; you don't really miss her either.

Vixen, doing what she does best.

"I feel ... the animal urges... building inside me!"
"No ... dance poles ... in woods! Must-- use tree!"

Gypsy and Steel, doing what they do best.

You say you're sorry? I guess that's as good a way of putting it as any.

Vibe, whom I can't show doing what he does best because this is a family blog, so you'll just have to infer it.

Vibe's got a "ten-strike" that can handle any queen or even another "10".
Just thinking about it makes me feel faint.

and featuring...

J'onn "No, we're not ending our camping trip early simply because we were attacked by supervillains and just killed two people; why do you ask?" J'onnz!

Ah, the "Heart of the League" isn't exactly a warm one, is it?
How bad is it when your behavior appalls Vixen and Vibe?

and Dale Gunn, The Irresistible Man!

"If Zatanna and Vixen couldn't resist me, boy...""...what chance do you think you have?"


Anonymous said...

We need an "All Star Jutice League Detroit". Why not.

Anonymous said...

She's not pole-dancing.

She's scent-marking.


Scipio said...

You're totally right, Crae!

We also need "Showcase Presents: the Justice League Detroit".

Anonymous said...

I do miss Sue Dibny. I just don't miss her as written by Steve Englehart.

Anonymous said...

That is some seriously unfortunate placement of Gypsy's elbow in that shot of Vixen "scent marking," by the way. Made even worse by Scipio's cropping, but still, it's pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

As per ron's comment, was Wertheim right? Are there concealed sexual images in comics that the readers understand? Mind you, I could never make much sense of the fold-in-the shirt he was so incensed by...

Scipio said...

As the Film Freak so wisely said,

"Reality is what we make it."

Anonymous said...

I miss Ralph being HAPPY, dangit.


Your Obedient Serpent said...

J'onn's casual attitude twoard the deaths of two of the RFG gang pretty much killed the story for me.

Between this and the Brave New World short, I have to ask: did Superboy punch the universe and transfer all of Batman's 'tween-Crisis dickitude to J'onn?

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone touched Vixen's "ass button", like cats have.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

You're gonna have to start making these NSFW

Anonymous said...

I have to buy this comic!

Best comic of the year!

Anonymous said...

I bought it just now, and it's not the best comic of the year. I've only read one other comic this year, the recent Top Ten one-shot, and it was definitely better than JLA Classified #23.

Nice art. But I'm wondering why they didn't get a writer who likes the characters. I do like the way they had a whole issue where no one was raped and nobody had his or her arm ripped out of the socket.

Some observations:

Ten of Spades has nice boobs.

I do not understand Amos Fortune's plan. What does he hope to accomplish by ruining Justice League Detroit's camping trip?

This reminds me way too much of the old Justice League Detroit story arc where they fought Amazo in Canada. I hope Gypsy beats the Royal Flush Gang with her stinky feet. Or was this power retconned out by the Crisis or Zero Hour or Secret Wars or The Millennium Directive?

That Vixen panel is REALLY distracting. Gypsy really knows how to use her elbows. You pick up some weird skills on the streets of Detroit.

What is Steel apologizing for? Is there a page missing or something?

The Vibe narration on pages 3 and 4 is really annoying.

Did Steve Englehart give Sue Dibny a *giggle* lobotomy or something?

Even though the ultimate plot makes no sense, I do like the interplay of these two versions of the Royal Flush Gang.

Yeah, it's pretty dumb. I'd buy this if it was a regular series if it keeps this art team.

Anonymous said...

J'onn is simply reminding them that heroes work outside the law and can't be slaves to normal investigations! I mean, otherwise, they'd all just join the police force...


Accomplish? What do you mean--accomplish?

Why do some people believe it's all about gain?

Villains work VERY HARD to live outside the law and annoy heroes. They get extra evil points for doing it stylistically.


Johnny Bacardi said...

Gypsy's feet are NOT stinky!

Hard as concrete, perhaps, but they smell just fine.

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Is there anything wrong if I feel some kind of sexual attraction for this Vixen comic? I mean, I didn't know about her, but that drawing.... mmmm... well, you know...

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