Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Postcard from the Future: June 7, 3006

Dear Blockade Boy,

Today was Wednesday here in the future, so I went to the Comic Book Shoppe of Nine Worlds, where the manager, Rob-Bot-3000, says Daredevil: The Target #3 just came out and there's a copy in your sub.

Me, I was happy to find among the new releases the final issue of Justice; very cool. I also picked up Manhunter #12,023, in which (SPOILER) we find out Kate is the granddaughter of Captain Triumph. Oh, and I got the latest issues of Batwoman, Batwoman Family, Detectress, Birds of Gay, and Queen the Batbitch (that's for the dog!).

Ha! Everyone 1000 years ago was so focused on the whole "gay marriage" thing! If only they'd realized that it was Batwoman, "the sensational character find of 2006", that caused the Universal Switch to Lesbianism in the 2200s. And boy--oops I mean "girl" ha ha-- do these future gals know how to party!
After Brainy explained the whole thing to me, he and Superboy took me to the Museum of Heterosexual History, where displays show the futurites how men and women used to, well, you know....

Oh yeah -- I don't know who this "Superboy" is but he sure ain't anything like the Superman in my time; This Superboy fits in really well here as you can see!I'll send your books to you via United Tachyon Service parcel.


P.S. Great news; they just announced a forthcoming Showcase Presents: Vibe !!!


Jeremy Rizza said...

Y'know, I was still waiting for the eighth issue of "52" before I travelled back to your century. If you could keep an eye out for it, that would be awesome.

Oh, and as you can tell by the musical notes listlessly dribbling out of the stereo, Radiohead will still be popular a thousand years from now.

Scotus said...

You've had me going this whole week, but the line about Vibe getting his own Showcase collection is starting to make me think this whole trip to the future might be some sort of hoax.