Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reasons to read "Manhunter" #3

Manhunter addresses the difficulties of balancing personal life with professional life -- and a hobby as a vigilante.

You may have heard through the grapevine the Kate "Manhunter" Spencer isn't a very good mother.

In Manhunter #3, when her son finds one of her tech-weapons and almost kills himself with it, she gives up full custody of him to her ex-husband because it's best for the child.

That's the kind of thing good mothers do.

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Anonymous said...

Basically, you're saying good mothers give up their children to benefit themselves. How old is this kid, seven or under? At five, mostly everyone gets around to the fact that "If it looks like a gun and it's in Mom and Dad's room, you don't mess with it". Especially with all the stories out about kids killing each other with guns because they weren't taught they were real and kill people. Hasn't Kate ever heard of a child lock? I'm pretty sure it's a low you need them on weapons.

Scipio said...

Basically, you're saying good mothers give up their children to benefit themselves.

I just love it when people explain to me what I'm saying. I suppose without clarifying commenters in my personal life, I must just run around babbling all day incoherently.

What I'm saying is that selfish parents are focused on maintaining custody of their child; better parents focus on permitting the child the best environment, whether it is with them or with their former partner.

Manhunter's weapon isn't a gun and doesn't look like one. It's a Manhunter staff (the enemies of the Green Lantern Manhunters, that is).

As far as I know, Manhunter staffs do not come with child locks.

Which you'd know if you


Anonymous said...

Aside from the total ass-whooping I got above ( I thank you for that recognition), is this gonna be hapenning for a while? Just a whole week of reasons to read Manhunter?

Scipio said...

No prob; ass-whoopings are free at the Absorbascon.

Steven said...

If I'm following the pattern, he's got 23 reasons so far, plus 7 more guaranteed at a latter date.

Reason 4 is probably Dylan

Reason 5 is Damon (and Hawkman, and sushi)

Reason 18, Todd Rice

Reason 21, Dr. Psycho

Reason 22, Sweeney Todd (holee, was that unexpected)

Reason 23, Sandra Knight