Thursday, June 22, 2006

Next DC Heroclix?

Wizkids has announced they're discontinuing 16 or 17 of their less popular and ill-conceived tabletop games. Pity about "Celebrity Fitness Instructor Clix"; I'd just gotten on E-Bay the "Frosted Hair" John Basedow Unique and was looking forward to teaming him and Susan Powter against the Golden Age Jack LaLaine and Perry White.

But this will allow them to focus on their core games, including their lead seller, Heroclix; yay! So, in case they need to throw together a new DC set, I thought we should gather our thoughts and make some suggestions. Ready? Put on your Clixing Rings, kids, and let's go!

Every discussion of DC Heroclix sets has to start with the question, "Who will the Batman Allies/Enemies be?" It's one of the rules of the game, I think.

I don't think a new Nightwing REV trio is needed, but a "Fashion Model Dick Grayson" Unique would be nice (and he'd be dressed like Nightwing anyway). Similarly, an LE of Bat Enemy Cassie Cain as an out of character scenery-chewing logorrheic Republic Serial villain would a nice update. A Batwoman Unique should be de rigeur for the next DC set. That way, bloggers will have a 3D model available to facilitate their criticisms of the social impact of her breast size.

And the Question. Everyone agrees we need a Question clix. Batman Ally; smoke cloud; perplex and close combat.

Butt-kicking remakes really are needed for lots of Batvillain figures (the Penguin, the Riddler, Two-Face). And, for obvious reasons, a Catman clix and new Mad Hatter are called for. At least one more Secret Six character should be made. Ragdoll is the fabulous choice, but Scandal would probably get made first for gender parity in the set. Oh, and a pog of the Stuffed Corpse of Parademon; actually better just make him a Light Object.

Checkmate calls for some new figs, too: such as Count Vertigo and the long overdue Alan Scott.

Battle for Bludhaven? Heck, that deserves its own GAME. Atomic Knight generics, Uniques of the Nuclear Family, Prof. Radium, Firebrand all the new Freedom Fighters! Tell me you wouldn't enjoy a Human Bomb with Quake, Pulse Wave, Energy Explosion, Force Blast. Why, the Monolith might even get a clix, because every team needs a "brick". Oh, and BfB figs wouldn't be complete with a Refrigerator Construct Heavy Object token for Hal Jordan to use!

Now that we've got a Rita Farr, the rest of the Doom Patrol are inevitable.

The new Blue Beetle With Pincher Action is a pretty safe bet, as is Nightshade from Shadowpact. But will WK change its mind and make a Detective Chimp Unique?


Steven said...

400 point Superboy-Prime Unique (in "fashionable" shoulder-pads, of course), with
"Continuity Punch" powers

Rolling Head of Pantha Light Object.

Giant Starro Figure, with Starro Pogs.

Space... Cabby...

Legion of Supergirls

Seven Soldiers (classic, DCU, and Morrison editions)

cast of Gotham Central

Will Magnus and T.O. Morrow with special egg splitting action.

EGG FU Mother F-er!

Anonymous said...

I'm just informed enough to get the Jack LaLaine reference; god bless infomercials.

Brandon Bragg said...

All Beard Unique and an Amanda Waller Pog.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for fleshing out the Suicide Squad. Gimme REVs of Boomer Sr, Mark Shaw Manhunter, Nightshade, Count Vertigo, Bronze Tiger, Major Force, Punch-n-Jewelee, and, you know, good versions of Deadshot and Poison Ivy. And a Waller pog without both Willpower and Leadership would be heresy.

I'd like to see the Arkham crew get some more mobility. An REV Firefly, a Unique Clayface IV (the lady was rarely without wings), and an REV Killer Moth (NO Charaxes) who flies in his E and/or V versions would be snazzy.

More Rogues are always welcome, and I'd plotz for the Top, Trickster I, Mirror Master (a transporter, natch), and a re-done Weather Wizard. They could all be Calculators; hmmm...maybe the R and E Captain Boomerangs from above would fit better here?

The Injustice League hasn't gotten much love as of late (mainly because Calculator works much better for 'em, imho), so Major Disaster, Amos Fortune, the Tattooed Man I, Gentleman Ghost, Hector Hammond, Star Sapphire, the Wizard, and Floronic Man could fill out their ranks.

Since generics seem to be back in full force, I'd love to see some "Gorilla City Shocktroopers/Shamans" or "Royal Flush Goons" and the like.

Oh, yeah--can't forget the heroes. Negative Man (with a snazzy translucent shadow), Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, the Question, Kid Devil, Vigilante (the transportin' cowboy version), the Spawn of Frankenstein, Mr. Miracle I, Wildcat, and the buxom Bulleteer would all make me happy.

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