Thursday, April 14, 2005

Corps Values

According to Devon (who erreth not) over at "If You Had a Brain", there will be a new Green Lantern Corps book, separate from the "Green Lantern" title, starting in August. Geoff Johns will be writing it (in his spare time, one assumes).

I have never been a fan of the Green Lantern Corps. In fact, I always hated it. Maybe it's just me, but having 3599 other people (and chipmunks and fishguys and living planets and tree-beings) with the same power as your "main character" diminishes his importance. Too much "dynastic" not enough "centerpiece" in that model!

However, I'm very excited about this new Corps, which is only a handful of Lanterns, all of whom we know and who have served time as Earth's GL (Hal, John, Kyle, Guy, and some times Kilowog). In the old version, they were trying to get you to care about individual GLs because you cared about the Corps. The new version is smarter and takes a more natural approach: we already care about the individual GLs and so we will automatically care about them as a group.

And as previously discussed here, they cohere nicely with Hal as the Dynastic Centerpiece, John serving as Junior Version, Kyle (loosely) in the role of Kid Sidekick, and Guy as (obviously) the Black Sheep.

Like Hawkman's, Green Lantern's mythos will then leap to a fast build-up of an "anti-dynasty" of villains. Look for a new Star Sapphire, an awakened Hector Hammond, an upgraded Black Hand, and the possible return of Nero as a sidekick for Sinestro.

Of course, it's the SHARK I really want to see...!


naladahc said...

Do not mock Ch'p, the greatest Green Lantern of Sector 1014 ever!!!

While I don't collect them, I'm patiently waiting for a DC Direct figure of Ch'p in his pre-Crisis attire.

Anonymous said...

I'm not happy to hear about this kid sidekick thing for Kyle.

I would much rather Hal not be in the book with Kyle leading, separate from the main Green Lantern book.

Kyle's a good character. Many writers and many DCU characters have shown him to be better than Hal. He should be leading the Corps, not playing kid sidekick.

Scipio said...

I hear ya, Chris. Kyle is easily my favorite Green Lantern, too.

I wasn't talking about what I WANTED in Green Lantern; just what I'm seeing...