Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Reasons to Own....

the "Diana Prince: Wonder Woman" Volume 2.

Well, all you really need to know is that the Widowmaker story is in it, possibly the most perfectly Bronze Age story ever made (I can't say "written"; that would be an offense to writing).

But, even without the famous Widowmaker story, here are ten good reasons you simply must own this volume.

1. Wonder Woman beating the tar out a drag queen.
"Madame Fatal?! I'm sorry, Oracle didn't tell me you'd be here...!"

2. Bronze Age fashion.
Whoa. Someone obviously couldn't afford to hire Edna Mode.

3. Superman setting a floor on fire by dancing.

What a dork; stupid shufflefoot.

4. Wonder Woman bitch-slapping an injured Lois Lane while Superman looks on, laughing.

Okay; maybe he really is a dick.

5. Machine-gun Wonder Woman
Let's see Mattel come out with a Barbie version of that.

6. Wonder Woman takes muff-diving lessons.
"This is how we roll at the Renaissance Fair, 'princess'...!"

7. Lesbian slave-rings.
Not enough of those in comics nowadays, I say.

8. Superman in hippie drag.
And now, I can't un-see that.

9. Wonder Woman torturing prisoners.
"On Paradise Island, we don't waste time with water-boarding!"

And, of course...
10. the on-going mutual hatred of Diana and I Ching.


SallyP said...

My Goodness! That was certainly interesting.

I'm not sure if Superman is actually so much laughing as Diana decks Lois, as he is enjoying the view, as Lois goes reeling back, with legs splayed and skirt flying.

Or maybe he really IS a dick.

Ron Hogan said...

For more not unseeing Superman in hippie garb, be sure to visit Marvel Two-in-One #55-58!


Rich said...

Can't really blame Di for wanting to torture the guy. I mean, who doesn't hate Quakers, with their smug, self-satisfied oatmeal sneering at you in every supermarket?

I assume the Earthquakers are some sort of Green branch of the Society of Friends?

TotalToyz said...

Ah yes, Diana and Ching; the Jon and Kate of the DC Universe.

And Rich, as someone who attends Centre Meeting every Sunday, I'll try not to be too offended.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Wow, if Diana would learn to loosen up a little bit, that 'lesson' wouldn't look so painful

Roel said...

Wonder Woman certainly has had some rough patches in her publishing history. It's pretty amazing that she's never been removed from her spot in "The Big Three..."

Scipio said...

There's no replacement for a Golden Age pedigree, Roel!

Martin Gray said...

Jon and Kate? Who they (and yes, I'll kick myself).

Viking Zombie Boyfriend said...

The anel #2 looks like a typical Scott Kollins design to me. Except that Sekowski actually bothered to indicate shadows. (Friggin' Kollins...! Sorry; I guess he pushes my buttons. And not in the good way.)

Mike Noga said...

Wow how do I get your job? Serioulsy, why aren't you paid for this?