Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

  • You deserve to get the joke on page 10 of Legion of Three Worlds, so know your Interlac.
  • The Joker playing with a new toy line from Mattel.
  • The cover of Robin.
  • Well, the "Speed Force" is now officially magic, as far as I'm concerned.
  • "You missed."
  • Interactive Olsen hologram: "I'm guessing you're asking about the enemies of the Legion?"
  • Who IS Red Robin? I love a mystery!
  • R.J.'s entrance; R.J.'s exit.
  • Batman versus the cement.
  • The Clayface cave. Very clever.
  • Superman's proposed solution to Superman Prime, which only he would dare come up with.
  • "I will be free!" Really, if you're not buying SuperFriends, you're missing out on some of the best characterization of DC's icons in years.
  • Hey, isn't Jason's plan the same one that got Stephanie in trouble during War Games?
  • Findster. Ebuy. Macintech. Youspace. I just love DC's Fortune Faux Hundred companies.
  • The Joker as an actual gangster, not just a psychokiller. Refreshing.
  • Catwoman disguising Superman as ... well, himself, essentially.
  • Crediting the writer and artist together as "storytellers"? Classy. A little ambiguous, but still classy.
  • "Make Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane". Adorable.


SallyP said...

*Sob* I went to my beloved local Comicbook Shop, drooling with anticipation as usual...and Diamond had stiffed them, and all the books won't come in until Thursday!

I tried to keep a stiff upper lip, but it was hard. I'm sure that my lower lip did wobble.

Anonymous said...

No Superman/Batman 51? full of awesome

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Sundollars, Scip!

Legion of Three Worlds was fantastic!

"I like their old costumes better".


I also think that we may see a return of Conner after this. SP seemed to focus on him quite a bit in his ravings.

I really enjoyed Trinity this week as well. Enigma is turning out to not such an enigma after all. The CSA's Riddler, maybe? For weeks I brushed off his staff and focused on the half-burned face. Now I'm not so sure.

I have to say, Peyer/William's Flash is the most enjoyable I've read in a long time.



Diamondrock said...

I really loved Legion of 3 Worlds.

And I REALLY need to learn Interlac. I learned Japanese. How hard can Interlac be?

Marcos said...

"Pucker Factor"! I thought that was a brilliant name.

I don't know about a return of Conner, but they did seem to be tossing around the name "Superboy" without any apparent fear of legal reprisals. Did something change on that front? Or can they just not use it on covers, like the ol' Captain Marvel situation?

Brushwood said...

I think they can currently use "Superboy" for any character who is not the real "Superman as a boy".

ticknart said...

Jamie -- I keep thinking of Enigma as a mix of the Riddler, Two Face, and the Mad Hatter (he was using mind control things a few issues ago that reminded me of the Hatter). I wonder what other villains are mixed in there.

Guys' Guy said...

I had never thought of Mad Hatter...but I have always thought half Riddler and half Two face.

But I agree...the Cover of Robin makes me very happy too...

Marcos said...

Ebuy showed up in both BoP and SuperFriends this week. Nice consistency there, DC, even across to properties outside the DCU proper!

Scipio said...

"No Superman/Batman 51? "

I'm not a fan of that title, which just seems like a persistent metatextual irrelevancy.


the "two shoves" scene did make me laugh out loud.

Scipio said...

And I REALLY need to learn Interlac. I learned Japanese. How hard can Interlac be?"

I don't remember when I simply started to read Interlac without having to transliterate it.

But I do the first time I realized that I no longer had to transliterate it in my head, and thinking, "I have reached a new level of geekiness I had not thought possible."

Jacob T. Levy said...

L3W is threatening to make me believe in Geoff Johns again. It's threatening quite successfully, in fact.

Other than the implication that Superman has never met Catwoman before (will we *ever* learn the in-continuity history of New Earth?), pretty much every panel of B&B made me happy this week. "I wonder if Metropolis needs a police commissioner?" Hee.

Zundian said...

My favorite Interactive Olsen hologram line: "I guess that means you're tired of hearing about my adventures?" after getting punched through the mouth.

Scipio said...

"Other than the implication that Superman has never met Catwoman before"

Well, the issue is not set in the present. It states that in the first caption box...

Jacob T. Levy said...

True. But Catwoman's wearing her Darwyn Cooke costume-- guess that threw me. Maybe it's been retconned in to replace her Jim Balent breastume?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Scipio. I thought you would have gotten a kick out of somebody calling Firestorm the Master of the Obvious, only to be proven completely right at the end of the book in a good way.

But hey, I'm a big Firestorm fan so I probably got more enjoyment from it then you did.

Derek said...

My favourite thing this week was the Riddler in Trinity. Reformed Riddler acting like a reformed Riddler.

Also, him referring to Tim Drake as an "okay kid". I love it when my fandoms mesh.

Anonymous said...

Does Legion of 3 Worlds mean that the Legion with XS in it is a parallel earth? Does that mean her cousin Bart was from a parallel world as well? Just wondering....

CandidGamera : said...

My theory in Enigma is that he's, essentially, the Composite Riddler - with the powers and techniques of all of the Gotham rogues.

Anonymous said...

One, quite good guess on Newsarama stated Enigma as being the Quizmaster, the CSA's analog to the Riddler...he was a good guy but now the Riddler's a good guy, so it makes sense.



Anonymous said...

No love for Zatanna finding a way to cast a spell even without a mouth? I figured that would make the list for sure.

JohnF said...

Paul Dini already had Zatanna do the "writing a spell in blood" thing about a year ago, in a much better story.
I could really do without another Amazo story for, like, the next 50 years or so. They need to either not use the character for a long while, or write a really great, massive story arc where he takes over the world. There's no reason a character with that much power can be defeated in a handful of pages every 4 months.

Anonymous said...

Witty references to the week's comics with no indication where they come from so you can't share the joke unless you already know it.

Does it get more cliquey than this?

Chance said...

Can we be any more snarky in our use of bold?

Dave said...

I give up. Even after looking at the Interlac guide, I have no idea who the projector is on loan to. Lansom somebody?

Phillip said...

dave - The text visible on the podium reads "hantom one", it says Phantom Zone Projector presumably. The sign leaning on it says "On Loan", with a Legion logo. Jimmy says that's who has the projector in the next panel. None of this ruins the actual joke, which is on the previous page (last panel). Thanks, Scipio, for prodding me to do the work on that one. I lol'd.

Anonymous said...

a very good week indeed including Superman/Batman 51

Scipio said...

"Witty references to the week's comics with no indication where they come from so you can't share the joke unless you already know it."

That's the game. It's an Easter Egg hunt, not annotated college lecture; I've got plenty of other posts that ARE, if you like that sort of thing.