Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Big Monkey Heroclix Token Postcard

Ah, now this one I'm proud of. It's not just decorative, it's functional (that is, if you play Heroclix).

This is an oversized Big Monkey postcard, with 15 tokens you can cut out and use in your Heroclix games! They are designed to go with my new full-size Heroclix map of the Big Monkey store in the District (you'll see that later, I promise, once it's available to buy from Xion Games).

All these tokens are people and things you might find at Big Monkey.

The Light Objects (in yellow) include:
  • Spinner racks, with some loose comics nearby that you just might recognize;
  • a Heroclix table, with my own "Iceberg Lounge" map on it;
  • our famous sale table, where fortunes have been won and lost;
  • and our beloved Civilian Bench, where the comic book pilgrims deposit their significant others while they pay their respects at the Big Monkey. It's the Wailing Wall of comic books, and if you look closely you can see a girlfriend lying on it unconscious, overwhelmed by the rarefied atmosphere of high-level comic book discussion at Big Monkey.

The Heavy Objects (in red) include:

  • Bookcases, spilling over with quality trades and hardcovers;
  • A file cabinet, container of sub files; "the perfect container, the container of all our hopes for the future";
  • The picnic table (it goes outside on the rooftop deck behind the store);
  • and the safe, where fortunes are stored and hopefully not lost.

The Special Objects (in blue) include the Absolute Edition and the Rare Issue. Either may be picked up by any figure in the game.

The Absolute Edition grants whoever carries it Deflection, because it's thick enough to deflect mere bullets and blasts of ill-defined energy. If an attack against the holder of the Absolute Edition succeeds, the Absolute Edition absorbs one click of the damage and is removed from play.

The Rare Issue grants whoever carries it immunity from long-range attacks, because no comic book character would risk harming a rare issue. If a close combat attack against the holder of the Rare Issue succeeds, the attacker takes the Rare Issue as his own. The Rare Issue cannot be destroyed; it's been bagged and boarded, you see.

The Big Monkey Bystanders (in brown) include:
  • The Customer, as portrayed by the charming Lauren Martella, head of the Big Monkey Women's Discussion Group;
  • The Player, as portrayed by the avuncular Tom Price, Wizkids Envoy and host of the on-going Big Monkey Heroclix tournament series;
  • The Staff, as portrayed by the angelic James Rambo, host of our fortnightly Crime Alley Cinema night.
All these bystanders have the Big Monkey Team Ability: no figure may attack them if they have the opportunity to attack some other figure instead. This should keep them on the board a good deal longer than your average meatshield.

It'll be a while before I get them back from the printer, but when I do, maybe I can mail you one (for a modest PayPal fee to cover expenses).


Seth Johnson said...

Be sure to let us know when you get 'em and when to Paypal, because I definitely want one.

Scipio said...

For you, Seth? After all you've done for us all?

Yours is free, Seth; just give me your mailing address (send it to, and tell me how many you want.

Of course, if you wanted to send me a certain secret formula out of gratitude, I wouldn't turn it down, LOL!

Hoping fervently that you've landed on your feet, by the way, after what the Confederate widows used to call 'the late unpleasantness'.

Guys' Guy said...

This is cool. I have never gotten into HeroClix...I'm a HeroClix virgin. But it's interesting that you can basically play with any map that you make. Maybe one day I will have to learn.

Diamondrock said...

I am, at this very moment, assembling the most awesome blog-themed Heroclix team the world has ever seen. Then I'll finally learn to play the darn game. So I'll probably be wanting one of those...

Scipio said...


Now THAT is interesting...

Diamondrock said...

Oh yeah. It should be interesting (even if it isn't any good in an actual fight), especially when I finish that custom figure I'm working on...

Still, I could use your advice as an experienced player. What's the standard point total for a heroclix team? I'm sure it's been mentioned, but I can't seem to recall. Something around 300-400 points, right?

Scipio said...

Nowadays, 400 points.