Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some of Big Monkey's Postcards


SallyP said...


Guys' Guy said...

I have the second one...would love the 1st one.

dannyagogo said...

I wish I loved in DC for three reasons:
1- closer to my mom
2- big monkey comics
3- get to meet/hang out with scipio

Guys' Guy said...

I'll agree with #2 & #3...No offense I don't know your mom :) LOL but I will be hoping to be in DC soon forever!! Scipio--you looking for employees? ;)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

So are the for sale? I'll send cash or a money order or bus tokens for Sheboygan, Wisconsin transit even though I live in Chicago. Scipio, you can see my email from my blog profile.

Scipio said...

For sale?

That never occurred to me. We give them away at the store. But we can certainly think of something.

Wait a tic. I'm making at least two more you may be interested in, so let's wait til that's done... .